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docs: don't apply layouts to html formatter example #16591

merged 4 commits into from Dec 7, 2022

docs: don't apply layouts to html formatter example #16591

merged 4 commits into from Dec 7, 2022


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The table is going out of the screen in mobile size.


The font weight of header and side nav is thinner than the usual one and in dark mode some text are not properly visible

Screenshot 2022-11-25 233249

So, as a change i removed some CSS properties like color from the body of this page and for table i decreased the padding of row and font size of table header for particular screen size.

Is there anything you'd like reviewers to focus on?

@eslint-github-bot eslint-github-bot bot added bug ESLint is working incorrectly triage An ESLint team member will look at this issue soon labels Nov 27, 2022
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netlify bot commented Nov 27, 2022

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@mdjermanovic mdjermanovic left a comment

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This file is autogenerated output of eslint -f html. It is not meant to be a separate documentation page on the website, but only to be included in an iframe on the formatters page.

The problem is actually that the file is processed by eleventy so on the site it has headers, menus etc. while I think it should be just copied as-is so that it looks like on the old formatters page.

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Tanujkanti4441 commented Nov 27, 2022

@mdjermanovic thanks for review.
My description and screenshots of PR may sounding like it is focused on the Formatter-example page but this PR was mainly made to fix the UI related issues of that iframe section of Formatters page.

As I am getting your review, you want me to remove rest of the html elements except the table from the formatter's page iframe section as in the old one have?

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Yes, the file should remain unchanged in the build output. I think this was accidentally changed by #16484.

A quick fix could be to add docs/src/user-guide/formatters/html-formatter-example.json file with the following content:

    "layout": false

@amareshsm amareshsm added the documentation Relates to ESLint's documentation label Nov 28, 2022
@Tanujkanti4441 Tanujkanti4441 requested a review from a team as a code owner December 5, 2022 14:25
@@ -5,18 +5,18 @@
<title>ESLint Report</title>
<link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="any" href="">
<link rel="icon" type="image/svg+xml" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{{ '/assets/css/tokens/themes.css' | url }}">
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We should undo the changes in this file, as it's autogenerated output of eslint --format html and any changes made to it will be overwritten during the next release.

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Done! Have removed everything from html-formatter-example.html file that I added

@mdjermanovic mdjermanovic added accepted There is consensus among the team that this change meets the criteria for inclusion and removed bug ESLint is working incorrectly triage An ESLint team member will look at this issue soon labels Dec 7, 2022
@mdjermanovic mdjermanovic changed the title docs: font, color and table flow of formatters-example page docs: don't apply layouts to html formatter example Dec 7, 2022
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@mdjermanovic mdjermanovic left a comment

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LGTM, thanks!

@mdjermanovic mdjermanovic merged commit 6bef135 into eslint:main Dec 7, 2022
21 checks passed
@Tanujkanti4441 Tanujkanti4441 deleted the formatters-example-page branch December 7, 2022 09:34
crapStone pushed a commit to Calciumdibromid/CaBr2 that referenced this pull request Dec 24, 2022
This PR contains the following updates:

| Package | Type | Update | Change |
| [eslint]( ([source]( | devDependencies | minor | [`8.29.0` -> `8.30.0`]( |


### Release Notes


### [`v8.30.0`](

[Compare Source](eslint/eslint@v8.29.0...v8.30.0)

#### Features

-   [`075ef2c`](eslint/eslint@075ef2c) feat: add suggestion for no-return-await ([#&#8203;16637](eslint/eslint#16637)) (Daniel Bartholomae)
-   [`7190d98`](eslint/eslint@7190d98) feat: update globals ([#&#8203;16654](eslint/eslint#16654)) (Sébastien Règne)

#### Bug Fixes

-   [`1a327aa`](eslint/eslint@1a327aa) fix: Ensure flat config unignores work consistently like eslintrc ([#&#8203;16579](eslint/eslint#16579)) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
-   [`9b8bb72`](eslint/eslint@9b8bb72) fix: autofix recursive functions in no-var ([#&#8203;16611](eslint/eslint#16611)) (Milos Djermanovic)

#### Documentation

-   [`6a8cd94`](eslint/eslint@6a8cd94) docs: Clarify Discord info in issue template config ([#&#8203;16663](eslint/eslint#16663)) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
-   [`ad44344`](eslint/eslint@ad44344) docs: CLI documentation standardization ([#&#8203;16563](eslint/eslint#16563)) (Ben Perlmutter)
-   [`293573e`](eslint/eslint@293573e) docs: fix broken line numbers ([#&#8203;16606](eslint/eslint#16606)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`fa2c64b`](eslint/eslint@fa2c64b) docs: use relative links for internal links ([#&#8203;16631](eslint/eslint#16631)) (Percy Ma)
-   [`75276c9`](eslint/eslint@75276c9) docs: reorder options in no-unused-vars ([#&#8203;16625](eslint/eslint#16625)) (Milos Djermanovic)
-   [`7276fe5`](eslint/eslint@7276fe5) docs: Fix anchor in URL ([#&#8203;16628](eslint/eslint#16628)) (Karl Horky)
-   [`6bef135`](eslint/eslint@6bef135) docs: don't apply layouts to html formatter example ([#&#8203;16591](eslint/eslint#16591)) (Tanuj Kanti)
-   [`dfc7ec1`](eslint/eslint@dfc7ec1) docs: Formatters page updates ([#&#8203;16566](eslint/eslint#16566)) (Ben Perlmutter)
-   [`8ba124c`](eslint/eslint@8ba124c) docs: update the `prefer-const` example ([#&#8203;16607](eslint/eslint#16607)) (Pavel)
-   [`e6cb05a`](eslint/eslint@e6cb05a) docs: fix css leaking ([#&#8203;16603](eslint/eslint#16603)) (Sam Chen)

#### Chores

-   [`f2c4737`](eslint/eslint@f2c4737) chore: upgrade [@&#8203;eslint/eslintrc]([@&#8203;1]( ([#&#8203;16675](eslint/eslint#16675)) (Milos Djermanovic)
-   [`ba74253`](eslint/eslint@ba74253) chore: standardize npm script names per [#&#8203;14827](eslint/eslint#14827) ([#&#8203;16315](eslint/eslint#16315)) (Patrick McElhaney)
-   [`0d9af4c`](eslint/eslint@0d9af4c) ci: fix npm v9 problem with `file:` ([#&#8203;16664](eslint/eslint#16664)) (Milos Djermanovic)
-   [`90c9219`](eslint/eslint@90c9219) refactor: migrate off deprecated function-style rules in all tests ([#&#8203;16618](eslint/eslint#16618)) (Bryan Mishkin)



### Configuration

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🚦 **Automerge**: Disabled by config. Please merge this manually once you are satisfied.

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Co-authored-by: cabr2-bot <>
Reviewed-by: Epsilon_02 <>
Co-authored-by: Calciumdibromid Bot <>
Co-committed-by: Calciumdibromid Bot <>
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