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easy and lightweight alternative to Fail2Ban
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Simple guardian

Easy alternative to fail2ban

Last week I was too lazy to learn how to make working Fail2Ban filters, It appears too hard. So I decided to do something easier and more lightweight.



git clone
cd simple-guardian
sudo ./

Configuration file is located on /etc/simple-guardian/guardian.conf Run it with simple-guarian --help


sudo ./ update - updates only script, leaves all config unmodified

Automatic scan

sudo ./ crontab - schedules scanning every 10 minutes + sending logs every day at 18:00


Configuration file is located on /etc/simple-guardian/guardian.conf Configuration file has two parts


Here are stored all variables that are same for every profile

  • MaxAttempts - how many attempts before IP gets blocked
  • BlockCommand - command that gets executed to block IP. %IP% is replaced with blocked IP
  • SendMail - mail address to which the log will be sent, if omitted then no email is ever send
  • MailCommand - command that gets executed to send email, uses parameters %SUBJECT%, %MESSAGE% and %TARGET_MAIL%, if omitted then no email is ever send
  • SaveBlocked - if not omitted, then here is saved list of blocked IPs, one per line


By default configuration has in-build profiles for OpenSSH server, dovecot and vsftpd Every profile stars with its name [ProfileName] Every profile should have defined it's log file with LogFile= Then you have to specify filters


filters starts with >> they are lines from log file, but all variables are replaced with %VariableName% right now script recognizes this variables:

  • %USER% - username that was target of attack
  • %IP% - attacking IP
  • %D:M% - month in format Jan, Feb, ..., Dec
  • %D:D% - day in month ( from 01 to 31 )
  • %TIME% - time in format hours:minutes:seconds

Have own filters and profiles?

Great! Do not hesitate and send them to me! I will be glad to implement them.

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