@rhdunn rhdunn released this Sep 10, 2016 · 2398 commits to master since this release

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  • Support the --compile-mbrola command-line option.
  • Support the --compile-phonemes command-line option.
  • Support the --compile-intonations command-line option.
  • Support SSML <phoneme alphabet="espeak" ph="..."> tags.
  • Added man files for the speak-ng and espeak-ng command-line programs.
  • Created a companion espeak-ng API to provide more detailed error codes and
    provide access to the new espeak-ng functionality.
  • Fixed many logic and security issues reported by clang scan-build, Coverity
    and msvc /analyze.
  • Group languages by their language family and use BCP47 compliant names.
  • Support for Windows and BSD platforms.
  • Removed support for WinCE, MS-DOS and RiscOS.
  • Add support for maintainer and status field in voice files for tracking
    voice maintenance.
  • Vim syntax highlighting for espeak dictionary (list and rules) files.
  • Support reading input from named pipes.
  • Fix wav file truncation when reading multiline text from stdin or a named pipe.


  • Build the code with a C99 compiler, instead of a C++ compiler.
  • Provide a pkg-config file (patch by Luke Yelavich).
  • Use -fPIC to support sparc/sparc64 architectures.
  • Removed the local portaudio header files.
  • Use the system's sonic library and header files.
  • Output phoneme compilation errors to stderr.
  • Generate build failures if building phoneme, intonation or dictionary files
    contain errors.
  • Provide modern Visual Studio project files to build eSpeak NG on Windows,
    with a WiX-based project to create an MSI installer.
  • Use the NetBSD getopt_long implementation on Windows.


  • Moved the library code to src/libespeak-ng.
  • Renamed espeak to espeak-ng.
  • Renamed speak to speak-ng.
  • Use the libespeak-ng API in speak-ng using a shared implementation with
  • Moved the code to build the mbrola voice data, phoneme tables and intonation
    data to libespeak-ng.
  • Removed the espeakedit program and the associated wxWidgets dependency.
  • Removed the platforms directory and approaching portability in a similar way
    to how libressl handles portability.
  • Converted the documentation to markdown.
  • Group the Windows and POSIX mbrowrap code to provide the mbrowrap.h
    implementation in a single place.
  • Replaced the audio APIs with PCAudioLib to improve portability of the audio
    and to share that across different projects.
  • Reworked the synchronous audio to share the code paths with asynchronous


  • Removed unused/empty internal header files.
  • Removed unused and commented out code.
  • Reformatted the code to use a consistent style and indentation.
  • Fixed many GCC and clang warnings.
  • Improved the error handling within the codebase to report the underlying
    error where possible.
  • Inlined several wrapper methods that were adding little/no value.

updated languages:

  • en (English) -- Thanks to Kendell Clark for identifying mispronunciations.
  • el (Greek) : improved polytonic Greek support
  • es (Spanish) : ChrisLeo (improved intonations)
  • fa (Persian) -- Shadyar Khodayari
  • fr (French) -- Thomas Guillory
  • ga (Irish Gaelic) -- Jim Regan
  • it (Italian) -- ChrisLeo
  • lv (Latvian) -- Valdis Vitolins

new languages:

  • gn (Guarani) -- ChrisLeo
  • ky (Kyrgyz) -- JRMeyer
  • mb-br2 (Brazillian Portuguese)
  • mb-de* (German) : extend support coverage of the German MBROLA voices
  • mb-lt1 (Lithuanian) -- embar
  • mb-lt2 (Lithuanian) -- embar
  • mt (Maltese)
  • my (Myanmar/Burmese) -- Min Maung, Lwin Moe
  • tn (Setswana)
  • tt (Tatar)