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Espruino JavaScript

Espruino is a JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers. It can fit into devices with as little as 128kB Flash and 8kB RAM.


  1. Espruino Public

    The Espruino JavaScript interpreter - Official Repo

    C 2.5k 698

  2. The Espruino Web IDE - A Chrome Web App for programming Espruino

    JavaScript 345 148

  3. See for the complete Espruino Documentation - many links in this repository will not work

    JavaScript 230 263

  4. Espruino and Puck.js Board Schematics

    OpenSCAD 155 53

  5. JavaScript library of tools for Espruino - used for the Web IDE, CLI, etc.

    JavaScript 134 84

  6. EspruinoHub Public

    A BLE -> MQTT bridge for Raspberry Pi and other Embedded devices

    JavaScript 213 56


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