A wrapper for the popular command-line JSON processor "jq"
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JSON Query Wrapper

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json-query-wrapper is a wrapper for the popular command-line JSON processor "jq".


  • Easy to use interface
  • PHP data type mapping


$ composer require estahn/json-query-wrapper


Basic usage


  "Foo": {
    "Bar": "33"

Example 1:

$jq = JsonQueryWrapper\JsonQueryFactory::createWith('test.json');
$jq->run('.Foo.Bar'); # string(33)

Example 2:

$jq = JsonQueryWrapper\JsonQueryFactory::createWith('test.json');
$jq->run('.Foo.Bar == "33"'); # Returns bool(true)

Example 3:

$jq = JsonQueryWrapper\JsonQueryFactory::createWith('{"Foo":{"Bar":"33"}}');
$jq->run('.Foo.Bar == "33"'); # Returns bool(true)

Advanced usage

Example 1:

$jq = JsonQueryWrapper\JsonQueryFactory::create();
$jq->setDataProvider(new JsonQueryWrapper\DataProvider\File('test.json');
$jq->run('.Foo.Bar == "33"'); # Returns bool(true)

Data Providers

A "Data Provider" provides the wrapper with the necessary data to read from. It's a common interface for several providers. All providers implement the DataProviderInterface which essentially returns a path to the file for jq.

Available providers:

  • Text - Regular PHP string containing JSON data
  • File - A path to a file containing JSON data

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  • jmespath.php - Declaratively specify how to extract elements from a JSON document, in PHP
  • JSONPath - JSONPath implementation for PHP (based on Stefan Goessner's JSONPath script)