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WARNING: This project is outdated and not maintained anymore.



Setup project

  • git clone
  • cd este
  • yarn
  • yarn docker:up
  • yarn env dev
  • yarn prisma:deploy


  • yarn dev start web development
  • yarn dev-ios start iOS development
  • yarn dev-android start Android development
  • yarn prisma:deploy after prisma/datamodel.prisma change
  • yarn prisma:generate generate Prisma client
  • yarn prisma:delete get rid of the whole service
  • yarn gen after api/schema.graphql change
  • yarn env dev copy to .env
  • yarn env prod copy to .env
  • yarn build local build
  • yarn start local start
  • yarn test before commit
  • yarn deps rimraf 'yarn.lock' 'node_modules' '**/node_modules' && yarn
  • now deploy to


  • yarn dev, then open localhost:5000/playground and set HTTP HEADERS to { "Authorization": "Bearer token" }. Token is browser cookie for api and yarn prisma token for db.
  • After prisma/docker-compose.yml change, run yarn docker:up
  • To deploy local Prisma to demo server, set up Prisma with demo database, and put its endpoint to (copy paste of, then yarn env prod, then yarn prisma:deploy.


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