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A simple utility and backend for querying Docker v2 API-supporting registry images and reporting on "manifest list" multi-platform image support.


This project uses IBM Cloud Functions (built on OpenWhisk) as a backend, in concert with the manifest-tool inspect capability (packaged as a Docker function) to easily report on the status of whether an image is a manifest list entry in the registry, and if so, what architecture/os pairs are supported by the image.


You can easily publish these functions yourself to IBM Bluemix Cloud Functions using the scripts in the two action directories. It will require having a bound Cloudant database instance in your IBM Cloud account and your Cloudant credentials must be provided to the function via the parameters.json file.

Using the API endpoint

If you are interested in using the already published functions in my account, you can use the "Web Action" URL with a query parameter to easily query any publicly accessible image on any registry that supports the Docker v2 API without authentication (for public images).

The API endpoint is:

You can use it with an image parameter like this:

$ curl ''
  "payload": {
     "manifestList": "Yes",
     "tag": "latest",
     "_id": "estesp/busybox",
     "cachetime": 1505832200347,
     "repoTags": ["aarch64", "amd64", "armfh", "latest", "ppc64le", "s390x"],
     "_rev": "3-0493c3315169c8ceac2d419463abb7e2",
     "archList": ["ppc64le/linux", "amd64/linux", "s390x/linux", "arm/linux (variant: armv7)", "arm64/linux (variant: armv8)"]

Piping this output to jq '.payload.archList' would print just the list of architectures supported by the image.

Using the mquery tool

This project also includes a simple Golang tool for querying the endpoint with a simple/readable output format for showing the list of architectures supported by a specific image. You can build the tool on any Golang supported platform using the Makefile, or you can use a pre-packaged image on Dockerhub on 64-bit Intel (until the tool itself can be tested/published as a manifest list). This tool requires the package which you can add to your Go environment with:

$ go get -u

To use the pre-packaged utility, it is published on DockerHub as mplatform/mquery and is shown below in the following example. As a bonus, the mplatform/mquery image itself is multi-platform and should work on all supported Docker platforms/CPU architectures.

$ docker run mplatform/mquery ubuntu:latest
Manifest List: Yes
Supported platforms:
 - amd64/linux
 - arm/linux (variant: v7)
 - arm64/linux (variant: v8)
 - 386/linux
 - ppc64le/linux
 - s390x/linux


More information about manifest lists and multi-platform image support is available in these blog posts:

Also see the manifest-tool project for how manifest lists are being created today while tooling is being completed with the Docker client.


This project is licensed under the Apache Public License, v2.0.


Multi-platform (manifest list) registry image query utilities (using IBM Cloud Functions)




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