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A tiny scroll management library using native DOM APIs.
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A tiny scroll management library that uses native DOM APIs, ~372 bytes.



npm i scroll-restoration --save


Import, then call scroller.init(). This will listen for beforeunload events, check for scrollPosition property on the window, and restore that position on page load.

import scroller from 'scroll-restoration'


For SPAs, you'll want to save scroll position before new routes, and restore position when returning to previous routes:

// new route

// popstate, return to previous route

Optionally, restore() can accept a callback as it's first and only parameter. If provided, the callback will be fired with the scrollPosition property, and you can do what you will with it. Use this for animated scrolling, etc.

scroller.restore(pos => {
  // handle scrolling

The save() method also accepts an optional param, y, which is a scroll position (in px).

The scrollPosition value is stored on the history object i.e. history.state.scrollPosition. For convenience, you can also call:

scroller.state() // returns scrollPosition


To run the example, clone this repo, then:

# move into example dir
cd srraf/example
# install deps
npm i
# compile JS
npm run js:build # or js:watch
# serve index.html and update with changes

MIT License

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