Redis dependency for nameko services
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Redis dependency for nameko services


pip install nameko-redis


from nameko.rpc import rpc
from nameko_redis import Redis

class MyService(object):
    name = "my_service"

    redis = Redis('development')

    def hello(self, name):
        self.redis.set("foo", name)
        return "Hello, {}!".format(name)

    def bye(self):
        name = self.redis.get("foo")
        return "Bye, {}!".format(name)

To specify redis connection string you will need a config

AMQP_URI: 'amqp://guest:guest@localhost'
 development: 'redis://localhost:6379/0'

You can also pass extra options to the class, like this:

class MyOtherService(object):
    name = "my_other_service"

    redis = Redis('development', decode_responses=False, encoding='utf-8')