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linking errors on e.debug

rndmerle commented May 1, 2009

I have the same error. Are you on a 64bits distribution ?
If I'm not mistaking, all those functions are part of libecore. No clue why the linker doesn't find them.

houdw commented May 2, 2009

Me too, is it possible to convert ecored.lib into ?


I'm on 32bit on Ubuntu 9.04

houdw commented May 2, 2009 has no exported symbols while has.
So change ECORE = ecored into ECORE = ecore in src/Makefile will lead to a successfull link. Although there will be some assertion failure running e. ;)


I assume that ecored is for debugging, while ecore is for release. I'm not sure that it's the best thing to link against the wrong build type.

tea commented May 6, 2009

32-bit linking was working before, it was probably broken by commit 34a6299. 64-bit debug so seems to be broken since beginning

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