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ETHBerlin Zwei Knowledge Base 2019

This repository of knowledge guides you through getting started with ETHBerlin, Ethereum, blockchain, and decentralized application development.


Rough hackathon schedule:

  • Friday: DOORS 18:00 - DINNER 19:30 - CEREMONY 20:45 - HACKING 22:00
  • Saturday: BREAKFAST 08:00 - LUNCH 13:00 - DINNER 19:00
  • Sunday: BREAKFAST 09:00 - SUBMISSIONS 10:00 - JUDGING 11:00 - LUNCH 13:00 - CEREMONY 16:00
  • Sunday: Make sure to show up for your judging slot! This timetable will start filling up when we close the submissions at 10am on Sunday.

ETHBerlin Zwei logo

Dive into the Knowledge Base!

Before the hackathon:

During the hackathon:

What is ETHBerlin Zwei?

We assume if you're reading this document, that you know what ETHBerlin Zwei is, but to recap: ETHBerlin Zwei is a combination of a hackathon, experiences, workshops and talks, happening from 21st till 25th of August 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

Conference and Workshops

Talks and workshops happen between the 21st and 23nd of August as part of the Dapp Conference at The Technical University of Berlin.


The Hackathon takes place between the 23rd and 25th of August at Factory Görlitzer Park.

The Hack?!? What is a hackathon?

There are different types of Hackathon, but the one at ETHBerlin Zwei has two purposes:

  1. Competing for sponsor prizes by incorporating their technologies into a project.
  2. Contributing to the broader Ethereum ecosystem with novel or amazing ideas, or contributing to existing projects.

Help?!? But I've never been to a Hackathon before!

That's fine, you are most welcome here, everyone brings valuable skills to a hackathon. But we're sure you have some questions.

Do I have to be a developer?

No! In fact, we welcome anyone who brings different skills to a hackathon. Wether you want to help as a designer, project manager, give UX advice, write documentation, or something else. Often the projects that do well at hackathons are the ones that focus on more than just code.

Last, but not least: Read our Community Code of Conduct! Enjoy Berlin! <3

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