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@alexvandesande alexvandesande released this Mar 4, 2016

This is a small bug fix update on Beta 8, released yesterday and is the latest Homestead Ready wallet.

Fixes in this version:

  • Adds an About screen
  • Fixes an issue where it didn't select the right account when clicking "send" from an accounts page
  • Fixed the importing of wallet contracts
  • Fixes an issue with the checksum and shape shift
  • Fixes an issue where old tokens where being removed
  • Fixes some bugs in the import presale wallet. We also added more specific error reporting so we can identify an issue some users are having with importing the presale wallet
  • Fixes an issue with wrong cost estimate of token sending

Changes in this Beta 8:

  • Supports Go-ethereum Homestead edition
  • Implements address checksum to ensure address validity
  • Fixes a sync issue with windows
  • Fixes a very common bug that would prevent the wallet to start in MacOSX
  • Wallets are now deployed full for now, so they cost more but have not those bugs described here (e.g. no stub contract is used). This will be fixed after homestead, after which we then can deploy stubs properly again.
  • Fixes some interface issues

Note: eth isn't bundled on OSX with the Ethereum-Wallet, but that you can start an eth node before starting Mist, and the wallet will connect to it.

screen shot 2016-03-03 at 12 59 18


MD5 9618c083fb90b81894d1cf949c83efa6
MD5 29f5d00705074167b43c887b345bebf7
MD5 6492a019332b479978215126db818ded
MD5 de6dd988f126471df52c601a3306a18a
MD5 54b94a51605d4e37338190c305af6c36

SHASUM 896b8fbbb24d67a42e6ce4c4cf96de764af6be34
SHASUM 1353a9ac1f52af60e63476cd2e192dfd2e2ba9eb
SHASUM 1b90a93ac508511e76c533e6ce76c89919861a1b
SHASUM b523052fe2527878ece408bf86805840741a6b55
SHASUM 680fc51669dbcb63d351b5bd5d2f332406cfe876
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