For this release Mist undergone an Audit by Cure53, which was a very needed endeavour and we are thankful for the great expertise of the Cure53 team.


This audit led to a lot of useful findings that strengthen the security of the Mist browser when interacting with external DApps.

Though we also found certain vulnerabilities in electron, which is what Mist (and others like: Brave, Slack and Gitter) uses that we can't fix fully at the current point in time, without changes on the electron side, which we communicated to them. Luckily their team is very responsive and right on track to fix those as i write.

For now don't visit untrusted DApps with your Mist browser to reduce risk!!

We will hopefully in the next release be able to secure the electron vulnerabilities and provide a safe browser experience.

Some of the security issues allowed:

  • Execution of simple code in the Mist interface context
  • Popping up spoofed alert windows
  • Changing the interface by dragging files into it
  • Directing to file paths (which is disabled for now, on some occasions)
  • File path attacks using HTTP redirects
  • UI breaks

We also fixed all issues on the Mist side that allowed to break the interface. We added a new 400 error page for disallowed URLs. We also improved the security of scripts running inside the DApps context and improved overall webview security. We might publish the full list of vulnerabilities at a later point in time.

Big thanks goes to @cure53 and their great team for disassembling Mist and especially its integration of third party content. We will very likely have follow up audits of more aspects of the Mist browser.

Bug fixes

This release has major stability improvements on the node connection between tabs and the stability of the sockets, which were freezing Mist at times.

The wallet was also updated and should now have the problem with the confirmation windows solved.

Additionally we fixed the following issues:

  • prompts users when there are geth updates and allows them to opt-in to update it
  • fixed flickering of icons
  • fixed directing of URLs into the browser tab
  • fixed removal of wallet tab title

Full change log:

Checksums (SHA-256)





Ethereum Wallet






Ethereum Wallet and Mist Beta 0.8.7

@evertonfraga evertonfraga released this Oct 26, 2016 · 94 commits to master since this release

This is a security fix.

Mist users are highly recommended to update in order to keep account integrity when browsing through untrusted Dapps. Ethereum Wallet is not affected. See below.

Some Mist API methods were exposed, making it possible that malicious webpages get access to a privileged interface that could delete files on the local filesystem or launch registered protocol handlers and obtain sensitive information, such as the user directory or the user's coinbase.

Previously vulnerable exposed Mist APIs:

  • mist.dirname
  • mist.syncMinimongo
  • web3.eth.coinbase is now null, if the account is not allowed for the dapp

Upgrade to this version of the Mist Browser. Do not use any previous Mist version to navigate to any untrusted webpage, or local webpages from unknown origins. Ethereum Wallet is not affected as it doesn't allow navigation to external pages.

This is a good reminder that currently Mist is considered only for Ethereum App Development and should not be used for end users to navigate on the open web until it is reached at least version 1.0. An external audit of Mist is scheduled.

We'd like to thank the vulnerability discoverer Tintinweb for his responsible disclosure and remind everyone that we have a bounty program at

Checksums (SHA-256)


f464b15ea1179efff96d81c568b5991cf09c6b846244933bf25886d95e9ce2d8  Mist-linux32-0-8-7.deb
075dae83299157b309af208c1a233f851e8c633b798c29c5551dc26977d49304  Mist-linux64-0-8-7.deb
d8f5a442292b7a5faf4423a765fd34d4f08913ed59950c12c0c0f4447f64c278  Mist-macosx-0-8-7.dmg
ee4ef1de9c5fc136b76164a8c78c44ba435246c0e795ada412fb75cc4bf87337  Mist-win32-0-8-7.exe
a27e4f83d609b5d5a5935b005de2a25b4ed6f4b2e8a33aa1622d5413660e50c5  Mist-win64-0-8-7.exe


4b61a4a1f4488a72848322d444e374d69ea190519c6e96ee002699d578a3bb5b  Ethereum-Wallet-linux32-0-8-7.deb
1800f51e570353c082f0004cdb349109ff9d1b69d64232bf7d384b244c163837  Ethereum-Wallet-linux64-0-8-7.deb
f9c89ba595ba6db9b976e1747c5355f01608dc09a44409fc1cd2c76b0660852c  Ethereum-Wallet-macosx-0-8-7.dmg
0ded87f21a7cedf39dd205c079c0a545e8dc1961d6303aa17eca44b01dedfc52  Ethereum-Wallet-win32-0-8-7.exe
5cd5ff833743aa031212bc95fd87db1fb54ea703e30adbdb24f11d3218ff4462  Ethereum-Wallet-win64-0-8-7.exe



Ethereum Wallet and Mist Beta 0.8.6

@evertonfraga evertonfraga released this Oct 16, 2016 · 95 commits to master since this release

This Wallet/Mist version contains the Geth 1.4.18 "Note 7", which includes the EIP150 1b/1c Hardfork.

Read this post by @holiman for more info about the hard-fork:


Also, 0.8.6 adds a possibility to update the underlying ethereum client automatically, without need of a new Mist version. It checks the current client version against clientBinaries.json.

Happy forking.

Checksums (SHA256)


ebe7792e8b05e426d5a48f2eedcbfab8526ced786e826d37529162c9980f59cf  Mist-linux32-0-8-6.deb
3060bb63f7c30c2aa9fc3ce082886112176c267c6f5eafc50f8df5937a5eaf59  Mist-linux64-0-8-6.deb
3a66606aad465d8295e29e9711f5e76630c36bfd6064966ed6b7b4c194320acd  Mist-macosx-0-8-6.dmg
39ea243f52346a3fbb988e676e94457a34666e3164666becb0f8e0b424ddbe31  Mist-win32-0-8-6.exe
39c0183c713aa5c150e4643de19749747c36f3dda2de24c99200aeb954f4ab62  Mist-win64-0-8-6.exe


a8f4688b4205b395aad46c4e0a8cfe302d6f18b8271aed1a65599df524ff4288  Ethereum-Wallet-linux32-0-8-6.deb
fe5305ec6f81c44d0a402b355062e6761567f735591c215b5334bab421032b2b  Ethereum-Wallet-linux64-0-8-6.deb
1b72cbeeb439517e7e20fabf9c39bb3263cca78c0074b11a76ea0a0586a51d30  Ethereum-Wallet-macosx-0-8-6.dmg
4665f7d7380b7dd10442d87a000a1c78ea98e3b3737f9cfe2b451dd0518b0b88  Ethereum-Wallet-win32-0-8-6.exe
be1537c91aae7f2afa85ae35f4175b9cde8eaf488c7f69e4dae3563efda9970f  Ethereum-Wallet-win64-0-8-6.exe


Ethereum Wallet and Mist Beta 0.8.5 + Geth 1.4.17

@evertonfraga evertonfraga released this Oct 11, 2016 · 137 commits to develop since this release

Hi, here's Ethereum Wallet + Mist Beta update. It bundles the Geth version 1.4.17 "PoolAid". Our colleagues at the Go-ethereum worked hard to give us this version.

This update is highly recommended and fixes most of "stuck syncing…", or "high memory usage".

From Geth repository:

Geth 1.4.17 is a hotfix release to address two DoS attack vectors abused on the mainnet:
This release limits the number of transactions per-user and globally so as to limit maximum memory consumption and egress network traffic.


Also here are some changes to keep your Mist shining.

  • Update geth to 1.4.17 #1274
  • Update Solidity Compiler (Solc) to release 0.4.2 #1239
  • Disable resizability for all popup windows #1206
  • Update github's issue-template's node.log upload instructions #1232
  • Added Russian translation #1247 - thanks @A888R!
  • New way to reach logs from application #1227
  • Menus more OS-friendly #1192

Checksums (SHA256)


bd10d455600a4098a9ee9d907180680f131e4b17fc5156588e34adfa0c6d8cad  Mist-linux32-0-8-5.deb
95b8f82d9af5c3fe889c96e140d2a2f9f0f318ea291452a312420b715c6beb35  Mist-linux64-0-8-5.deb
502cdeffa928ce8afd34207ed9f71da4b1d715a771d8c309e778172913220063  Mist-macosx-0-8-5.dmg
3141f1c539d9013c9c35632fdaa293d07ee600f71e432d343b9deb0ff41ec440  Mist-win32-0-8-5.exe
f1f819ba15156198d9ddc0f2acedd11c3b9d48a540b560c1c545e94b1ca85e1c  Mist-win64-0-8-5.exe


2a2279385ea5fa35b0b8b1633ef8a6c99568871dbb08d559f6a67fb830cc162d  Ethereum-Wallet-linux32-0-8-5.deb
3f6a9b4d402df46bf239d39ca620b4d021f6bd96c5230864eb15b2351b0e1e4c  Ethereum-Wallet-linux64-0-8-5.deb
c9c4b45a3c3d5daf35601bdd4eec2b58d852e117ea73634895abf7c5d1206bc2  Ethereum-Wallet-macosx-0-8-5.dmg
663bff3648ac51d1f8fb9039653018405c4e56c326c01f12ae525191d2d17832  Ethereum-Wallet-win32-0-8-5.exe
8da831cc458b0aece121518472c6065edab870e338ecb8452a4e5d89a91f8690  Ethereum-Wallet-win64-0-8-5.exe



Ethereum Wallet and Mist Beta 0.8.4 + Geth 1.4.14

@evertonfraga evertonfraga released this Sep 28, 2016 · 165 commits to develop since this release

This is a bugfix-release to mitigate the sync-related issues on the main-net caused by the recent transaction spam attack. Furthermore this release will fix the faulty installer introduced with pre-release 0.8.3.

Finally the new installer split the config-folder into separate ones for Ethereum Wallet and Mist. As a result Ethereum Wallet won't display any previous watched custom contracts and token as well as contract wallets and wallet names. Although they are still available in Mist and Ethereum Wallet < 0.8.3 you will need to re-added them manually to Ethereum Wallet >= 0.8.3.


  • updated bundled geth to 1.4.14 "What else should we rewrite?" pre-release.


  • adds desktop-shortcut, startmenu-entry and uninstaller (windows) (#1211)
  • allow simultaneous installation of Mist and Ethereum Wallet (windows, linux) (#1213)
  • fix and update npm dependency graph (#1194)

Checksums (SHA-256)


33af49dc9d71a899f7e29c2ec54a2d10225dd55c536a798060e9f1f3c45633fc  Mist-linux32-0-8-4.deb
21f38a592eff26e2ea4c6b64633c1eef616db3850f8c1531658edae43f42cc60  Mist-linux64-0-8-4.deb
50efcacfce0278269e8edd89aa91178c0ba00d9584fc019e25863939d0acf6ac  Mist-macosx-0-8-4.dmg
c5caf3d0be7a89b2889ab55bad94880c18ecaf86a55b19a2f1d7ccacd70425e0  Mist-win32-0-8-4.exe
495de1f5d44bd1df819649fa19f7e35fc175697e406e39ba4216392e17770ffc  Mist-win64-0-8-4.exe


aa54547e039dc682a333e539907dd009260e1b8934e250a0d83d5437619fb276  Ethereum-Wallet-linux32-0-8-4.deb
634bc2a47dbead0beb1b329d4b0b7b476a9d75d5c5503bc54e69920d58cdc0eb  Ethereum-Wallet-linux64-0-8-4.deb
617b2caacae92f8c0a409e48f7eaee5b21acd57f4c21d0d856bafad881ae306f  Ethereum-Wallet-macosx-0-8-4.dmg
811fb3d01a61232b5d02e3c13a874c719019d2ffe28e830913d3b24996a6ad22  Ethereum-Wallet-win32-0-8-4.exe
935a7fa0c32a7c5d3af183c7587978ff0bfc6127486942f0fd6f4b54a43a2e71  Ethereum-Wallet-win64-0-8-4.exe


Ethereum Wallet and Mist Beta 0.8.3 + Geth 1.4.12

@evertonfraga evertonfraga released this Sep 27, 2016 · 167 commits to develop since this release

Mist 0.8.3

This is a special release live from Devcon. It contains a few updates that will be presented live onstage, and the new security release for Geth.

New Features

New confirmation pane (#1141)

All ethereum transactions only contain very few pieces of information, mostly who it comes from, who it goes to, the amount of ether and the byte code data. This last one is where all the contract magic does, yet all you could see until now was a bunch of hexadecimal numbers. In this version, we try to decode the byte code into human friendly parameters, so you can understand more what the contract is trying to do. Mist comes with almost 3000 contract signatures (thanks to @pipermerriam for creating a service that collects them ) and if you still don't have it you can still query the internet to try to decode it. With some upcoming Swarm and Solidity features we intend to make this request via Swarm, not HTTP, but right now if you click decode, you are sending a request to the site which doesn't keep any logs.

Don't forget that this is just what the transaction list it does. Ultimately what the contract does is up to the code, so clicking the recipient address will take you to a page containing the contract source code that you can verify yourself.

Security fix

This Mist & Wallet 0.8.3 release contains the updated 1.4.12 Geth version. If you were experiencing issues with Mist crashing after block 2283416, then that's the likely culprit.

PGP-verified releases (#546)

This is long-awaited, and probably more useful than checksums itself. Look for the Verified badge in releases and commits.

Other fixes

  • New windows installers and Mac DMGs
  • Changed Fullscreen shortcut (#1151)
  • Updated to the latest version of Solidity (#1138)
  • Fixed a security issue that could reveal your public key without authorisation (#1114)
  • Integrating electron-builder for better distributables building (#1159)

Known issues

  • Mist Menu still lists geth as 1.4.10 but it has been updated
  • Windows installers are not adding the icons on the menu. To find your mist install, open windows explorer and go to %localappdata%\Mist\app-0.8.3\
  • Installation of Ethereum Wallet will wipe out Mist and vice versa on Windows and Linux (#1178; only 0.8.3 versions affected)

Checksums (SHA-256)


4cc5774cc6900fbcaa155705291e2f85f5568b19b8163a603e953bececac42d3  Mist Setup
de511a2db31f1b4b9a0924522934790f9d138b0dd22ff6168e01c426ff6cdaf2  Mist Setup
c1d9bf21bf01b6a000126a537a4d7b35131e1ba48d301edf33240cd82473bca0  Mist-0.8.3-ia32.deb
88faf16f85135f7a6fb1da57019db1cc5bf147411ea0fcd523472b88e5fcda4f  Mist-0.8.3.deb
bf1784d7c52cb0980b5e2976c90b251fe49934cb12df60a30df6e22bb34b36b1  Mist-0.8.3.dmg


20d528ac86bfc4033129945aca33c043a0669f8d12615ca897ba52789cd74f15  Ethereum Wallet Setup
f965f5050408e78fca28da060366619a13e94f3f7270c2f1cd49c30dad08840d  Ethereum Wallet Setup
33a34c0ee5a29dfccf7e9d5f9c7a655aa04f31ba7580771f684506131375520e  Ethereum Wallet-0.8.3-ia32.deb
708288b6d9eacd3851890f77479835eeb2120b5aab9b0892e964bef042926960  Ethereum Wallet-0.8.3.deb
e915e66a774cd9af320b746bfd907cc9f678d0d39e75643f35488925e177fefa  Ethereum Wallet-0.8.3.dmg



Ethereum Wallet and Mist Beta 0.8.2

@alexvandesande alexvandesande released this Aug 24, 2016 · 227 commits to develop since this release


Coinbase integration

Another long time coming release, but this one is packed with goodies. First of all, we are very happy with to announce a Coinbase integration: if you are in the United States, now you can buy up to $5 with a credit or debit card and transfer it to any ethereum account instantly. You'll be prompted to create a Coinbase account if you don't have one already, and then log in.

As Coinbase adds more markets, they will be added to the wallet, and we are looking into how we can use their bank transfers integration to allow unlimited daily amounts. We are not getting any fees or compensation for this (unlike our ShapeShift affiliate program which sends about 0.25-0.4% to the Ethereum Tip Jar) but we are very excited to see another adoption barrier being taken down. We thank the Coinbase team for their help making this a reality.


New Mist accounts panel

We are changing the way accounts are made visible to a Dapp in Mist. By default, an app isn't shown any more information on the user than what it would get from browsing a normal web (which, admittedly, already leaks tons of information) so we wanted to simplify the process of revealing your accounts to the app. The new process is similar to the authentication in the Chrome browser or connecting via Facebook oauth.

To reveal your account to an app, click on the anonymous person icon, and then choose one or more accounts that will be made visible. An app can and should change it's UI to reflect the changes (but never reveal any private information as, until the user properly signs a message, they haven't proven ownership of these accounts yet).

screen shot 2016-08-16 at 8 46 09 am

Replay prevention

We added an advanced feature to prevent your transactions on being replayed on other chains, like ethereum classic. This allows you either to prevent that transfer on happening on classic at all, or use that transaction to send the same amount to a different contract, like a newly created account or an exchange. If you want to fully separate all your transactions we recommend you create two new accounts, one for Ethereum proper and the other for Classic, and then move all your funds into them (remember that you need ether to move tokens), making sure that each account has 0 ether on the other chain - doing this once would prevent any future transaction from being replayed. To use this, use the "more options" button on the send page.

This feature also supports splitting tokens, but it's very experimental and will not work on all tokens. Since all of this is done using a contract then first you need to allow that contract to move tokens in your behalf by clicking "Approve token transfer".

As always, these features are experimental and should be tested with small amounts first. Although most transactions are replayed on both chains, some may not for multiple reasons. Also, some exchanges have issues receiving ether from a contract address - if that's your case, contact the exchange.

We've also removed all Fork code from the Mist app, so if you want to use it Ether Classic you'll have to either download Classic Mist directly from their repository or use your own node as the backend for your wallet (both Ethereum Wallet and Mist can connect to any node) as you would do for a private network.

Other changes

  • Fixes blank screen at startup #1110 - This nasty bug was one of the culprits of the long delay, as it was an erratic behaviour that would only affect installs on a clean system
  • Adds a links to the contract source code on the confirmation window
  • Added contrast on dark themes #1001
  • Enabled HTTP RPC sockets (#871)
  • Fixed Tabs permissions update (#1061)
  • Fixed node download logic (#1048)
  • New wallet favicon and 404 page (ethereum/meteor-dapp-wallet/263)


SHA256 3094577c0c5c3c29772904847a0440728bc7734a2663abae791e9088dffaf2f9
SHA256 e4893796e4cee64d8dd21e36eb938ed9f90baf8690e17584ac579f99af871fd7
SHA256 12e43b5f321a1b94357db74d3b31abb1aea5ae3e542b19f0eaad3f966160ca13
SHA256 5bbf24e65cd1eac40c508f2bb2074a070d43be3e2fcc46b630c96a2328963880
SHA256 e2c14df2506572fda2a3aec600b2f2da89e726cb3b5471476d19f94795cd9055

SHA256 e281b2b4e9f261d8983642ea03929063d28349265294150a1940feb0792f5f14
SHA256 3a222dd76a3b9b8f5f768cae7e57258fc07cff138e95c9c566687b8547275fea
SHA256 70a558edcbc1ee66df3c5762eb08ac14f9743e9f1782aa335386247ed0f8a50d
SHA256 5f9f58588b0df52dc770fdf13c569cbd2af312806fe772a8a64beadd4ea5f62b
SHA256 048b979b6294ec283e10811aa94c87e4810489856c038bc02c338db8eeff0526

Edit: Mist checksums corrected
at 2016-08-25 03:23:43 UTC
thanks to @Crypt0_Bear



Wallet and Mist Beta with Hard Fork choice 0.8.1

@frozeman frozeman released this Jul 17, 2016 · 275 commits to master since this release

This release contains geth 1.4.10 with the Hard Fork choice!

You will be asked at start which chain you want to be on. After selecting your choice, you will run either the Hard Fork chain, or stay on the old one.

screen shot 2016-07-17 at 12 21 09

Until block 1 920 000 you can simply switch to the other chain, by selecting the main in Menu "Develop" -> "The DAO fork" -> "support/don't support DAO fork".

screen shot 2016-07-17 at 11 50 55

If you want to switch chains after block 1920000 you need to resync Mist!
You can do this by following these instructions:

  • Click on "Accounts" -> "Backup" -> "Accounts". This will open the file explorer with the "Ethereum" folder opened.
  • Click on "Accounts" -> "Backup" -> "Application Data". This will open a system folder, go there into the "Mist" folder.
  • Close Mist.
  • Delete the "chaindata" folder inside the "Ethereum" folder.
  • Change the content of the file called "daoFork" to true or false ("true" means going with the dao fork, "false" means against). Optionally you can also simply delete that file and Mist will ask you again to choose on the next start.
  • After you done that restart Mist and it will ask you to select the chain again and you can sync

Other additions in this release:

  • Fixes the bug, where estimateGas was not working anymore.
  • Fixes an issue in the transaction confirmation window in which it would show “wrong password” error, for unrelated node errors
  • Disables eth node until it releases a version with fork support

NOTE C++ eth has no hard fork ready version build yet, so you need to use geth for now, and wait until we can bundle eth in the next release!

SHA256 c90ef7cdbb5f8d05e4a3c69e3851973ff878481269472f0397ef97b9bfbe397a
SHA256 5da115aeef1e72eab4892f2b21fb60f1790e40106fd40a0d5f40eea04d044e06
SHA256 744db1b5559859e7cb5115e69757212588d5f5c8553848ccfa59a4acbc592c58
SHA256 d5ae3ad39874d79da6e4c11539f6b09763ebac9e8361cd73488c8f549dcd31af
SHA256 5cdd6bb70103c5b1eab3ec204c703c2501be3d5756995487bc0f879625a90ce6

SHA256 2a3cf6e5ddfc46df75f78c4dc7bb2e6248fac2ce84cb2708882895b9f2eda1b7
SHA256 f116240b9ba3b3dcde690163b12fab1a47d675b6c50f08762d8630aa0d0f7a92
SHA256 ac12b1ce1252c8256da489da5314985216e517a651cd4063ed79b1c960d23724
SHA256 f21af1f89ce99ddb1e0feb864c35d956b349f98c539093451605d14662c0d095
SHA256 10b78395078a66d01620c7f4429ede4d8c7933601d52b3806492d4b865a33bb1



Wallet and first Mist Beta 0.8.0

@alexvandesande alexvandesande released this Jul 9, 2016 · 276 commits to develop since this release

screen shot 2016-07-07 at 6 17 21 pm

This is a small release of the Ethereum Wallet, but a big step for Mist development as it's our first* public release of the Mist browser. This is the same software we've been shipping for some time now (in fact you can launch mist from the wallet using a command line flag) but we believed this would be a good time to make it available in an easier form for the general public to test and developers to start tinkering with it's possibilities.

* You can say we started at zero


The Ethereum Foundation believes in a more decentralised internet, one where users keep their private information and where applications can run without any centralised server, using smart contracts as their logic. The Ethereum Wallet has some basic contract functionality, but we believe that in order for smart contracts to reach their full potential, they should be as easy to use as website.

So the "Mist Navigator" is not meant to be a better general browser, but a starting point to access future Ethereum Applications, and this is where we will be building more functionality that goes beyond the blockchain, like decentralised file storage and p2p communication layers.

The Wallet

We are making both the traditional wallet app and the Mist Navigator. The former option includes the the wallet as a default app and you can use it in the exact same way as before. Unlike the Ethereum Wallet application which hosts all the files locally, this version is hosted at, a mirror of this github repository which is derived directly from the linked source code on github. These files contain only the interface files and no information is stored at any server. The only external connection is made to a price information server. All your private information is stored locally on your own computer and the connection to the blockchain is done via Mist. As soon as Swarm is deployed on the main net we will start distributing it this way so it will become again a local file.

How to use the Browser

We built an example application for you to interact with (we will cover more about how it works behind the scenes on a future blog post). Use Mist to navigate to that page - it will not work on a normal browser as it keeps all information on the blockchain and not in any one server.

Click Browse, paste the address on it and press enter.

captura de tela 2016-07-07 as 10 55 06 am

Stake Voice is a generic polling app, intended to be able to give Ether Stake holders an opinion on any controversial topic. It doesn't keep any ether, and all it does is verifies that a key holder indeed agrees or disagrees with that statement. The votes and balances are then tallied by the app itself and the tally is updated if any of the currently voting accounts change their balance.

The first thing you need to do is allow the app to see one of your accounts. Instead of each site having to create separate login procedures and keeping your private information, you start all mist apps anonymously and then you reveal your credentials with a few clicks. Click on the "no accounts set" to connect to the app, and optionally click the plus button to add it to your sidebar (we are in the process of streamlining these steps).

captura de tela 2016-07-07 as 10 56 10 am

Now type a statement on the text box, anything you want to know either people agree or disagree with.

captura de tela 2016-07-07 as 10 58 13 am

If you just typed the question, chances are that nobody answered it yet. So click one of the buttons, agree or disagree and a window will pop up and ask your password.

Don't type your password blindly. This window means that you are about to execute a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. Check if it's sending any ether and before you confirm it and use an online tool to verify the contract source.

You can verify the source of the contracts you are interacting here and here. Also notice the icons on that page and check if they are identical to the ones you are seeing on the confirmation page. The icons of the latest version of the contract should look like this:


We are working on making all these steps more user friendly in the future. Meanwhile we recommend you create a new account with no tokens to interact with unknown contracts and refuse to interact with any contract whose source code is unknown.

screen shot 2016-07-08 at 8 57 37 am

Contract icon looks the same? Check. Ether sent is set at 0? Check.

After you confirmed your password, wait for the next block to be picked up and in a few seconds the app will calculate everyone's current opinion on the matter. Share the link with friends to get them to answer the issues too.

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The app stores no information on servers, so all information is saved on the blockchain and the statement is kept at the url, but since all information is public anyone can extend the app, by adding comments, lists of most voted statements and create their own interface for it. We will cover how the app works and how you can build similar apps like these in a future blog post.

Some random statements you can try: Game of Thrones vs Star Wars and Nutella

This is a proof of concept code and is not intended to scale. While it can accurately depict stake holders opinions, since all calculation is done on the frontend, some very popular or controversial questions could be attacked by spammers that create thousands of dust votes. If you want to check other projects doing similar things but with the specific purpose of Fork Voting, you should check ethersignal (same basic code, but with added spam protection) and carbonvote.

Known Issues

Mist Browser is in early stages and we decided to release it earlier than expected in the hopes that it can help build better discussion and governance tools for Ethereum. Some known bugs:

  • Sometimes tabs will lose their titles or the main page won't load. Pressing the regresh button (command+r or control+r) on the tab will solve the issue
  • A white rectangle sometimes appear at the bottom of apps. Resizing the app forces a redraw and the rectangle disappears
  • Tabs are occasionally forgotten by the application

Full Changelog

  • adding setting to change UI language (fixes #813) (#896)

  • update-popup-window: prevent maximize (#885)

  • fixed webview tagd and updated electrong to 1.2.5 (#905)

  • Fixes the node start IPC connection (#841)

  • Cleanup of i18n files (#910)

  • Fixing wallet tab insertion (#911)

  • Fully automated UI testing (#788)

Changes to Wallet

Saves contract code in memory when getting out of tab: This is particularly useful when you need the address of a contract as one of the parameters for another contract (creating a dao that uses a token for example) and you want to go to another tab to copy it (Add caching to contract ethereum/meteor-dapp-wallet#139)

  • Fixes an issue that would prevent you from sending tokens out of a contract without ether

  • Fixes an issue that would select an account you don’t own when sending tokens from a wallet contract

  • Doesn’t allow you to deploy contracts from wallet contracts

Wallet Checksums

SHA256 e194e6d324902c9fb42003e8f38d57a4770feef3409d3c0b32651fc3c0d17ea0
SHA256 c1b29ec8ff9f622e3e67980f47db0719bb0afbd019fd98905d420342cbc6ab60
SHA256 1ac15ff445e68b32442daa116613be24bfcf17c94f8a12ccbf4988dfcccfb82a
SHA256 9b5fbf496627086f5dc5be4ff4e5773d23af479d64871d3540bdda99f1de3e20
SHA256 2253609e97347e79a717cce28867d8f011cffb6b989b19e59c943d0f7eba4cc7

SHA256 d5ae27fb3bc0483156c531176fe9f9fe2d6d6ab281de8c46ba9acca2178f01c4
SHA256 358b4fb3bd3e4c384f1c018cfc94841ddb862020d1a147780f35fb1361c6c285
SHA256 3fd835aa2bd5ac9b438b35942efe8470360b3d49322bae5c203fc1b1c2139156
SHA256 37f5dd905bf86b108b39aadd11a7384dda249b3cac5c3ae14417e7808191bd44
SHA256 ff372d11ebf5ee7759b2063e961d15fb743465b59ccc68884e2796b75c9a4670