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Remix is a suite of tools that helps smart contract development, compilation, testing & deployment. These tools also works as a core of native plugins of Remix IDE.

Remix IDE is an IDE for Solidity dApp developers, powered by Remix. The Remix IDE repository is available here, and an online version is available at

For more, check out the Remix IDE documentation.

Remix Modules

Remix is built out of several different modules. Here is the brief description.

  • remix-analyzer: Perform static analysis on Solidity smart contracts to check security vulnerabilities and bad development practices
  • remix-astwalker: Parse solidity AST (Abstract Syntax Tree)
  • remix-debug: Debug Ethereum transactions. It provides several controls that allow stepping over the trace and seeing the current state of a selected step.
  • remix-solidity: Load a Solidity compiler from provided URL and compile the contract using loaded compiler and return the compilation details
  • remix-lib: Common place for libraries being used across multiple modules
  • remix-tests: Unit test Solidity smart contracts. It works as a plugin & as CLI both
  • remix-url-resolver: Provide helpers for resolving the content from external URL ( including github, swarm, ipfs etc.).
  • remixd: Allow accessing local filesystem from Remix IDE by running a daemon

Each module generally has their own npm package and test suite, as well as basic documentation in their respective READMEs. Usage of modules as plugin is well documented here.


Everyone is very welcome to contribute on the codebase of Remix. Please reach us in Gitter in case of any query/feedback/suggestion.

For more information on the contributing procedure, see