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@chriseth chriseth released this Feb 29, 2016 · 246 commits to release since this release

This version marks the main release of the Homestead protocol update. As Homestead is a hard fork, versions older than this should not be used for the live network.

Regarding non-protocol features, the RPC-admin interface of cpp-ethereum now looks more similar to go-ethereum's. Especially, it is possible to use Mist and geth attach with a cpp-ethereum node running in the background. Of course, we also provide a console that does not require geth in the form of a simple nodejs script.
The rpc admin interface of cpp-ethereum should not be used via http anymore because of security reasons. If you must, you can enable it via a commandline switch (see --help).



  • set homestead hard fork block number
  • implemented admin interface (geth attach can now be used with a running eth node)
  • unlockAccount call now takes timeout into account
  • mining fix for private networks
  • fix admin.exit()
  • fix for sendTransaction with certain data formatting
  • fix network port parsing in --remote commandline option


  • gas estimation for constructor
  • more accessible debug button for transactions


  • Fixed point types (work in progress, by VoR0220)
  • inline assembly (work in progress)


  • Fixed some UI layout issues

Alethzero is still included in this release but will be slowly phased out during the next releases.
Also note that eth can now be used with geth attach. This will expose some administration interfaces via IPC (i.e. unix sockets / pipes and not http by default) which are not password protected.

Please do not use the source archive below, it misses important dependencies. Use the following sources for installing:


cpp-ethereum-1.2.0 Windows Installer

Shift-right click to open. If you hit runtime errors complaining about missing msvcr120.dll or msvcp120.dll files then please install the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft.

OS X Yosemite (10.10)

cpp-ethereum-1.2.0 OSX disk image

Control-click to open (we will hopefully start shipping centrally-signed executable with the next release).

OS X El Capitan (10.11)

We aren't building binaries for El Capitan yet. Coming soon.

Ubuntu + Derivatives

Please follow these instructions.


Please do not use the source archive below, it misses important dependencies. If you want to build from source, use the guide and checkout the appropriate tag (v1.2.0) for webthree-umbrella.

Assets 2