Eclipse Plugin for Ceylon
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Eclipse plugin for Ceylon

Installing from

  1. Start with a clean install of Eclipse Indigo.

  2. Use Help > Install New Software ... > Available Software Sites > Import Select updatesites.xml

  3. Close the dialog and now choose updatesite and install the plugin.

  4. Restart and your Eclipse should now syntax highlight Ceylon files.

Installing/Building with (pure) Eclipse

  1. Start with a clean install of Eclipse Indigo.

  2. Use Help > Install New Software... to install all components of IMP from the update site at:

  3. Use File > Import... > Existing Projects into Workspace to import the project from this root directory:

  4. Select the com.redhat.ceylon.eclipse.ui project and run it using Run > Run As > Eclipse Application. Now go to the new instance of Eclipse.

  5. Open Eclipse > Preferences and go to Java > Compiler > Building > Output folder. Add the pattern *.ceylon to Filtered resources.

  6. Use File > New > Java Project, enter a project name, and select Finish create a new Java project in the workspace.

  7. Select the new project in the Java package explorer, and select Enable Ceylon Builder from the context menu.

  8. Use New > File to create a new file with the extension .ceylon in the src directory of your project.

Building with Tycho/Maven 3

  1. mvn clean install

  2. site/target/site now contains an update site you can install from. (Need to have IMP update site added too)


The content of this repository is released under the EPL v1.0 as provided in the LICENSE file that accompanied this code.

By submitting a "pull request" or otherwise contributing to this repository, you agree to license your contribution under the license mentioned above.