Designed for Debian-based systems, but tries to be slightly distro-agnostic
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Evan's dotfiles


Based on Mathias Bynens' dotfiles


  • - Installs indispensable command line tools, plus Python
  • - Installs i3, Chrome, Spotify, Dropbox, Filezilla, and Gimp
  • - Syncs dotfiles

What the dotfiles do

  • xterm - font/color scheme and Ctrl-Shift-C/Ctrl-Shift-V for copy/paste
  • bash - pretty standard bash aliases, exports, and settings
  • git - sets my name and email, enables color, and tells git to use vim for everything
  • screen - disable welcome message and visual bell, big scrollback buffer
  • X11/i3 - Vim-like keybindings, desktop background color, blazing key repeat rate, fonts, default to xterm
  • vim - install ctrlp.vim, plus a bunch of other nice settings, nothing crazy
  • GTK - MediterraneanNight theme