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Taxiphone is a Leaflabs Maple sketch to detect which number has been composed on a rotary phone and send the according MIDI message in order to control the sounds that are played with Ableton Live.

It can be easily adapted to Arduino.

It was developed with Etrange Miroir for the scenographic installation L'étrange taxiphone

If in trouble while uploading the code

Try to upload the code through the IDE, then put the Maple in perpertual bootloader mode:

  • Plug your board into the USB port.
  • Hit the reset button (it’s the button labeled RESET). Notice that your board blinks quickly 6 times, then blinks slowly a few more times.
  • Hit reset again, and this time push and hold the other button during the 6 fast blinks (the normal button is labeled BUT). You can release it once the slow blinks start.

Then, from the command line:

dfu-util -d 1EAF:0003 -a 1 -D /path/to/taxiphone.cpp.bin

Where /path/to/taxiphone.cpp.bin is mentioned in the console of the IDE.


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