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Cucumber (Gherkin) Syntax and Snippets

A Visual Studio Code extension for Cucumber projects that:

  • enables syntax highlight for .feature files;
  • offers code snippets or templates to write Gherkin scenarios faster.

How to use

The syntax highlight is applied automatically to .feature files. If that doesn't happen, you can open the Command Pallete, type Change Language Mode and select the Gherkin.

To use snippets you just need to type the prefix and press Tab. These are the snippets we provide:

  • fea - Feature
  • sc - Scenario heading
  • sce - Scenario
  • sco - Scenario Outline
  • steps- Multiline steps
  • giv - Given step
  • whe - When step
  • the - Then step


Given you have Visual Studio Code installed:

  1. Open the command palette Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows, Linux) or Cmd-Shift-P (macOS).
  2. Select Install Extension, search for Cucumber (Gherkin) Syntax and Snippets, install it.
  3. Finally, reload Visual Studio Code.


Feature requests or issue reports should be done here.

Feel free to help us improve this extension with pull requests at our official repository.


👏 Our big thanks to our contributors and to other libraries and resources we used to develop this extension 👏