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mattwynne commented Apr 21, 2021

When we converted cucumber-js from JavaScript to TypeScript, we used the any type quite liberally to hasten the process.

We have a long-term goal to replace all instances of any with the suitable type.

This would make a great first-timer contribution to potter around in the code and get to know it. As always, you can find the commiters in the if you ne

lonnblad commented Jan 18, 2021

Please answer these questions before submitting a bug report.

What version of godog are you using?

> godog -version
Godog version is: v0.11.0

What version of Go are you using?

> go version
go version go1.15.6 darwin/amd64

What did you do?

  • Add a step to a feature file including a DocString which has no registered step definition.
  • Execute: `godog ru
artbear commented Dec 19, 2019

Описание ошибки

Отчет.АнализЗамеровПроизводительности.ФормаНастроек - <АдминистраторМСК>
Overview History Retries
{ОбщаяФорма.ФормаНастроекОтчета.Форма(34)}: Не передан служебный параметр "НастройкиОтчета".
	ВызватьИсключение НСтр("ru = 'Не передан служебный параметр ""НастройкиОтчета"".'");
Categories: Product defects
Severity: normal
Duration:  205ms
paususe commented Mar 12, 2021

There are many cases where people might want SSH to run on unusual ports:

  • in, I describe a method to traverse NAT (issue #11839) using a SSH jump host listening on port 2222;
  • sometimes it's needed to traverse firewalls on ports different than port 22;
  • some admins do experiments on port 23 before switching to regular port 22;
  • whatever

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