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Rock: Assets for Common Lisp web apps

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Rock is an asset manager for Common Lisp. It's basically a combination of Bower and webassets.

Rock takes care of downloading specific versions of libraries -- jQuery, Bootstrap, FontAwesome -- and bundling their files together so you can compile all your JavaScript and CSS into single files.


  • Library Manager: Download specific versions of the most common libraries. You can have multiple versions of the same library, for example, for migrating an application one subset at a time.
  • Asset Bundling: Compile the JS/CSS files of different libraries and your own files into a single file. You can produce many bundles per application, for example, a bundle with an old version of different libraries, and a bundle with newer versions, for migrating a large application one subset at a time.


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Fernando Borretti (

Licensed under the MIT License.