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What is this?

This repo contains my solution of assignment in 2011 Stanford Machine Learning Class. If you are taking the class, fork my repo and puth different solutions in a different branch. HOWEVER, please DO NOT refer any code in my repo before the due date and NEVER post any code in my repo according to "Stanford Honer Code" below. Questions or pointing out is always welcome, please send me a mail.

Stanford Honor Code

"We strongly encourage students to form study groups, and discuss the lecture videos (including in-video questions). We also encourage you to get together with friends to watch the videos together as a group. However, the answers that you submit for the review questions should be your own work. For the programming exercises, you are welcome to discuss them with other students, discuss specific algorithms, properties of algorithms, etc.; we ask only that you not look at any source code written by a different student, nor show your solution code to other students."


All Solutions licensed under MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for further details.


Copyright (c) 2011 everpeace.

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