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Examples for Evothings Studio

NOTE: These examples are normally used from within the Evothings Studio where you just click the COPY button on one of the listed examples. You are not meant to clone this repo!


The following is for developers of Evothings Studio. If you just want to use an example, they are available from the Example list inside Evothings Studio.

  • For versions older than 2.1.0-alpha6 all the example apps are included in the Evothings Studio download.
  • For version 2.1.0-alpha6 and forward all example apps are hosted online at and are downloaded on demand.

From within Evothings Studio there is no real difference in user experience, but it means we can now push out new examples (and fixes) live without a new release of Evothings Studio.


This also means we use a branch per major.minor version of Evothings Studio, so all examples valid for Evothings Studio 2.1.x is found in the 2.1 branch. Master is the ongoing work which periodically is merged into the version specific branches.

Folder structure

Apps in folder experiments are under development and are not guaranteed to work. They are also not listed in the Evothings Workbench.

Apps in folder examples are maintained and have been verified to work. They are listed in the examples tab inside Evothings Workbench.

Library files

Library files used by the example apps are included in the examples themselves but we maintain them in the repository evothings-libraries.

Build script

If you wish to build the files for hosting use the bash script This script copies the apps from 'examples', zips them each and constructs a concatenated JSON file from all evothings.json metadata files found in the examples.


Documentation for the applications is currently maintained in a separate repo. It is also branched per version of Evothings, here is the hosted examples documentation for Evothings Studio 2.1.x.

It is quick and fun to get started with Evothings Studio

Download Evothings Studio and be up and running with mobile IoT apps in minutes!