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Moon Trek: The Website 2021

"Never has so much effort been put in to things no one will ever care about..."

-Erin Michael Winking

The Moon Trek Logo

UPDATE! The project is more or less complete! (At least the webdev part...)

What The Hell Is Moon Trek?

Moon Trek is a fan fiction setting I created back in the late '90s that puts some of the characters from the anime Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon in the post Dominion War Star Trek universe.

As of right now, there are 10 full 'novels' (I use that word quite liberally) and two published short stories.

So... What Is This?

So, at I used to have a static website that allows you to view or download the stories. There is also an incomplete 'Wannabe-Wiki' static site that allows you to get some information on the characters, settings, and whatnot.

This project has rebuilt the site using Django ORM to place everything in a database, make pages searchable, connect characters, ships, etc., to the stories with O2M and M2M relationships, and in general turn the site from your average, everyday static site to a web application.

As of September 2021, the project is essentially complete. Asides from some content in the database that still needs to be added (or changed from lorem ipsum), all of the web development goals have been met. There's room for improvement, but the new webapp site is now live at the above address!

Okay... But Why?

The primary reason is to use the project as a proof of concept that I can build this kind of web app, even if the content is worthless junk.

Plus I do, occasionally, still work on the stories and have been working on rewriting them in general to fix my early 2000's bad writing and replace it with my early 2020's bad writing. It's pretty much the same bad writing only with less profanity and sex.

How Are You Going To Do It?

The plan right now is to use Django for the backend, creating at least two apps, once that contains the stories, and one that contains the database.

The basic wireframe can be viewed here. The wire frame is not complete at this point, but gives a basic idea of what I am going for. I have set up a DigitalOcean 'space' for serving both static and media files, and the site has been deployed (albeit still in its alpha state) on a DigitalOcean droplet.

Need Any Help?

Once I get the basics done and enough coded to get something online, I will update with the public URL for 'alpha' and 'beta' versions of the site. Yeah, I know I am acting like this is a real software development repo, but that's how I learn how to do real versioning and stuff.

You can also feel free to go through the code on here and let me know if you think I am doing something in an inefficient manner, or in a stupid way that will cause me issues down the line. Smooches!


Django rebuild of my Moon Trek fan fiction site. It's complete! Check it out at!







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