The [DevOps] Guide to Puppet, Universe, and Everything - SLIDES
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The [DevOps] Guide to Puppet, Universe, and Everything


This is collection of slides for presentation and workshops about Puppet.

This is part of The [DevOps] Guide to Puppet, Universe, and Everything:

Slide decks

We have different slides deck, for different purposes and skills:

They are licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial terms: they are free to use for not commercial purposes (you can use them for internal trainings in your company, but not for commercial trainings to your customers, unless you earn this right by sponsoring them. Sponsorships include:

  • Your Logo on the main slide
  • Social communication (Newsletter, Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Google group... ) about the sponsorship
  • LEGAL RIGHTS to use the slides for commercial purposes
  • The certainty that the slide deck will be done in a given time period

For sponsorship opportunities contact example42.

Rendering the slides

Slides are in markdown format and are rendered using Puppet Labs's showoff.

You can find the source markdown files under the relevant directories.

In order to show them you have to install showoff:

gem install showoff

Then move to the section you want to present and run showoff:

cd Beginner
showoff serve

Browse to to see the slides.

Type t to show the table of contents.