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  1. psick psick Public

    Puppet Systems Infrastructure Construction Kit: The control-repo

    Shell 659 185

  2. puppet-tp puppet-tp Public

    Tiny Puppet - The Universal Installer

    Puppet 68 21

  3. tinydata tinydata Public

    Tiny Data for Tiny Puppet & C.

    Ruby 7 12

  4. puppet-psick puppet-psick Public

    An opinionated, integrated, extendable Puppet infrastructure module.

    HTML 23 13

  5. puppi puppi Public

    Puppet module to manage applications deployments and servers local management

    Puppet 142 84

  6. psick-hieradata psick-hieradata Public

    Sample Hiera data, as module, for the PSICK control-repo

    Shell 3 3


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