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Deprecation notice

This repo is no longer maintained.

Check example42 control-repo for a complete Puppet control repository where you can test Tiny Puppet and other Pupept modules..

Tiny Puppet Playground

A place where to test and play with Tiny Puppet

To install and setup the playground:

git clone
cd tp-playground

Public modules, which are required or optional dependencies for Tiny Puppet are expected under modules, you can populate them with Librarian Puppet Simple (install it with gem install librarian-puppet-simple):

librarian-puppet install --path modules

or r10k (gem install r10k):

r10k puppetfile install

You can test Tiny Puppet on different Operating Systems with Tiny Puppet Playground with Vagrant:

vagrant status

The default Vagrantfile uses the cachier plugin, you can install it with (comment thesecond line of Vagrant file (config.cache.auto_detect = true) if you don't want to use/install it:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier

You absolutely need to have the VirtualBox guest additions working on the Vagrant's VMs, if the provided ones are not updated you may use the VBguest plugin to automatically install them:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

Besides the Vagrantfile all the Vagrant specific stuff is under the vagrant directory.

The default manifest is vagrant/manifests/site.pp, you can play with Tiny Puppet there and verify there what you can do with it.

To start and manage a VM (based on VIrtualBox) use the common vagrant commands:

vagrant up Ubuntu1404_P4
vagrant provision Ubuntu1404_P4
vagrant ssh Ubuntu1404_P4

On the shell of your VM you can run Puppet (same effect of vagrant provision) with:

vagrant@ubuntu1404-p4:~$ sudo su -
root@ubuntu1404-p4:~# /vagrant/bin/

this does a puppet apply on /vagrant/manifests/site.pp with the correct parameters.

If you specify a different manifest, puppet apply is done on it:

root@ubuntu1404-p4:/#  /vagrant/bin/ /vagrant/manifests/test.pp 

Compatibility matrix

Check the tp-acceptance repo for Tiny Puppet acceptance tests (previously included here) and the Compatibility Matrix.


Tiny Puppet Playground - Test and Play with Tiny Puppet






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