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Excella Labs

The home for Excella's public experimentation and open collaboration.


  1. A quick, all in one stop for someone to get a blog presence up and running.

    Shell 8 4

  2. xluhco Public

    A URL shortener for Excella that lives at (Excellaco. Get it?) -- you can adapt it for your company, too!

    C# 13 20

  3. konmaripo Public

    A set of tools for governing and managing github repositories within an organization.

    SCSS 7 3

  4. A JavaScript module that powers a bookmarklet to summarize some time-keeping helpers.

    HTML 2

  5. A repository that hosts the container for blog-in-a-box. We maintain and publish the container separately so that we can reference in blog-in-a-box to start the dev container quickly.

    Dockerfile 2

  6. PortfoliOSS Public

    Build a portfolio of your Organization's OSS Contributions

    C# 3 1



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