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Script Arguments


  • -target <relpath> — defines the relative path to the folder you want to scan for vulnerable dependencies.


  • -app "<title>" — overrides the default project title ("PacMon")
  • -java <path> — defines the full path to the Java executable — it is highly recommended that you use TeamCity's pre-defined environment variable: %env.JAVA_EXE%
  • -opts "<options>" — passes optional parameters to Java
  • -dc <relpath> — overrides the default relative path to the Dependency Check folder (.\dc)
  • -etc "<options>" — passes optional parameters to Dependency Check
    • -etc "-n" — Disables the automatic updating of the CPE data
    • -etc "-s <path>" — Additional path to scan (this option can be specified multiple times)
  • -s <filename.xml> — overrides the default suppression XML file (suppress.xml)
  • -h <filename.html> — overrides the default vulnerability artifact report filename (vulnerability.html)
  • -x <filename.xml> — overrides the default temporary XML file (output.xml)