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Contributor Covenant

exlibris is a social network dedicated to tracking and discussing what you're reading.

This will be filled out more once we have a more fleshed out project.


exlibris is written in Vue.js and go, with ActivityPub support coming from go-fed. It uses postgreSQL as a database, though you don't need it installed. Docker is required to build locally.

Environment files

You need to provide environment variables for the database, app (Vue) and api (go). Copy any file ending in .env.dist to .env (ie app.env.dist to app.env) and fill in as necessary.

Hot reload

To start a development server:

make run-local

This will start both the back- and front-ends with hot reloading, so making a change in a file will automatically recompile.


exlibris was created during the 2020 employee hackathon at ACV Auctions and is being actively developed by its creators. We'd love to have your help too!