Ruby library to access the IP geo-location API
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Ruby library to interact with the IP geo-location API.


I have no association with the company running this service. All support questions not related to the library itself should be forwarded to them.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'geo_ips'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install geo_ips


require 'geo_ips'
require 'yajl' # The library uses multi_json, so this is recommended, but not required.

@geoips ="your-api-key-here")

#=> { "status" : "Success", 
#     "ip" : "", 
#     "hostname" : "", 
#     "owner" : "BLUEHOST INC.", 
#     "continent_name" : "NORTH AMERICA", 
#     "continent_code" : "NA", 
#     "country_name" : "UNITED STATES", 
#     "country_code" : "US", 
#     "region_name" : "UTAH", 
#     "region_code" : "UT", 
#     "county_name" : "UTAH", 
#     "city_name" : "PROVO", 
#     "latitude" : "40.3402", 
#     "longitude" : "-111.6073" }


To test the library, you'll need to signup for an API key and place the key in a file called .api_key in the root directory of the library.


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