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This is a fork of zamith/crystalshards repository.

A shard is what we call a crystal library, and this is the website that lists them all.

Deploying to Heroku

To experiment with this, you can post this to your own heroku site.

You can read about Deploying to Heroku or just follow these steps:

heroku create $NAME --buildpack https://github.com/crystal-lang/heroku-buildpack-crystal
git push heroku master

Using Locally

To use a local copy, clone the repository. Then install necessary shards.

shards install

You will need to set two enviornment variables: GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_KEY. CrystalShards uses basic auth, so an example ~/.*rc might look like this:

export GITHUB_USER="myGithubUsername"
export GITHUB_KEY="myGithubPassword"

When you are finished, remember to restart your terminal or source your edited file.

# starting a server
crystal ./app.cr