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Complex Loader and Progress Management for Vanilla JS
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↺ DOM-wait

Multiple Process Loader Management for vanilla JavaScript.

Read the Medium post "Managing Complex Waiting Experiences on Web UIs".

DOM wait is a vanilla implementation of vue-wait.

DOM-wait helps to manage multiple loading states on the page without any conflict. It's based on a very simple idea that manages an array with multiple loading states.

🗝 Key Features

  • Zero-dependency. Requires nothing to work.
  • No CSS. Attaches and detaches elements instead of showing and hiding them.
  • Very simple API.

🚀 Quick Start

Add dom-wait.js to head.

    <script src="dom-wait.js"></script>

✂️ Usage

1. Write your HTML

dom-wait is very easy to use and migrate your current projects. Assume you have some API calls to get client IP.

  <h2>Your IP is:</h2>
  <div id='ip'>#.#.#.#</div>

    var $ip = document.getElementById('ip');
      .then(response => response.json())
      .then(response => {
        $ip.innerHTML = response.ip;

2. Add data-wait-for attribute

dom-wait watches elements with data-wait-for attribute with loading message.

<div data-wait-for='getting ip'>
  <h2>Your IP is:</h2>
  <div id='ip'>#.#.#.#</div>

2. Add .waiting element

This element will be attached when loading starts and detached when loading ends.

<div data-wait-for='getting ip'>

  <div class='waiting'>Getting IP...</div>

  <h2>Your IP is:</h2>
  <div id='ip'>#.#.#.#</div>

3. Start and stop waiters with wait.start and wait.end

var $ip = document.getElementById('ip');

// start waiting
wait.start('getting ip');

  .then(function (response) {
    return response.json();
  .then(function (response) {
    $ip.innerHTML = response.ip;
    // end waiting
    wait.end('getting ip');

🚦 Attach/Detach Based DOM Management

DOM-Wait doesn't make hide/show on elements. Instead, attaches and detaches elements to DOM. This makes DOM cleaner and lighter on waiting process.

<div data-wait-for="getting ip">
  <div id="ip">#.#.#.#</div>

DOM-Wait detaches .waiting elements from DOM and inserts a comment node instead. When loading starts it attaches back and detaches rest of the siblings:

<div data-wait-for="getting ip">
  <div class="waiting">Loading...</div>


MIT © Fatih Kadir Akın

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