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Koality Flexbox Grid

This aims to be a very simple Sass flexbox grid that isn't overly complicated or ends up being something you fight against while building.

How to use

You can get this project into like any node package: npm install koality-flexbox-grid

Then in your projects sass you will want to import it like @import node_modules/koality-flexbox-grid/src/scss/flexbox-grid`. In doing that you can override some variables.


Container Classes

  • flex-container: adding that class to any element simply applies a display: flex to it.
  • flex-wrap
  • flex-nowrap
  • flex-wrap-reverse
  • flex-row or flex-dir-row
  • flex-dir-row-reverse
  • flex-column or flex-dir-column
  • flex-dir-column-reverse
  • flex-jc-flex-start
  • flex-jc-flex-end
  • flex-jc-center
  • flex-jc-space-between
  • flex-jc-space-around
  • flex-jc-space-evenly
  • flex-ai-flex-start
  • flex-ai-flex-end
  • flex-ai-center
  • flex-ai-stretch
  • flex-ai-baseline
  • flex-ac-flex-start
  • flex-ac-flex-end
  • flex-ac-center
  • flex-ac-stretch
  • flex-ac-space-between
  • flex-ac-space-around
  • flex-as-flex-end
  • flex-as-center
  • flex-as-baseline
  • flex-as-stretch

Item Classes

  • By default all items are flex: 1 1 100%
  • To control the width of you item you have the class format of flex-X-X where you can put any number from 1-12. It should work like most common CSS frameworks where flex-2-3 will make this item 66%.
  • flex-shrink-0
  • flex-grow-0
  • flex-grow-2
  • flex-grow-3
  • flex-grow-4
  • flex-grow-5

Responsive Classes

All classes listed can be prefixed with any breakpoint name to make it work on that breakpoint and up.

Available Breakpoints

  • $default: 0
  • $sm: 576px
  • $md: 768px
  • $lg: 992px
  • $xl: 1200px
  • $breakpoints: ( default: $default, sm: $sm, md: $md, lg: $lg, xl: $xl, );

These can be overridden in your own project as long as you match the variable names. If you drop breakpoints from the $breakpoints sass map it will change the amount of breakpoints the Grid has, this will greatly reduce the amount of CSS the Grid uses.

Example: md-flex-dir-colmn, lg-flex-2-3

Row Classes

  • row: will center the row and make it $row-width (default 1400px) and on screens smaller than it's width it will have gutters the width of $gutter-width (default 15px)
  • row-full will be 100% width even able to break outside of a row and touch the edge of the screen
  • inner-row same as row but only $inner-row-width (default 800px)


As much as we can we try to allow things to be user overridable. Here are currently all the variables you can change.

  • $row-width: 1400px;
  • $inner-row-width: 800px;
  • $default: 0;
  • $sm: 576px;
  • $md: 768px;
  • $lg: 992px;
  • $xl: 1200px;
  • $breakpoints: ( default: $default, sm: $sm, md: $md, lg: $lg, xl: $xl, );
  • $gutter-width: 15px;
  • $flex-grid-count: 12; This will adjust the amount of columns in the grid.
  • $flex-grow-default: 0; This will change wheither or not the grid items grow by default or not.
  • $flex-shrink-default: 1; This will change wheither or not the grid items shrink by default or not.


See CodePen Example


Koality Flexbox Grid: A Very Simple Flexbox Grid







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