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MakeWorks is a platform that helps you find nearby manufacturers

Technology and development

  • Web framework: Ruby on Rails
  • Database: Postgresql
  • Hosting: Heroku
  • Assets hosting: AWS

Staging web server:

Getting started locally

  • This is newly dockerised! Simply docker compose up and you're away.
  • To get a shell for running tests, console, etc docker compose exec app bash


  • Run tests with rails test
  • Run system tests with rails test:system
  • Automatic tests with bundle exec guard
  • If you need ENV vars you can do: cp env.example .env

Import data

rake makeworks:import_all

  • TODO:
  • Get the API key to Login with linkedin
  • A region can use a 'can_signup' flag to control if companies can be submitted to their region?

Login with

The App ID and Secret were generated on

If it stops working, it might need to be re-created:

Blog content

Blog.content is the old content, from the old website.

The new content uses Action Text and stores it under Blog.content_action

Regions and permissions

  • Companies can belong to 0, 1 or multiple regions.
  • If a company belongs to 1 hidden region, and 1 visible region, the company will be visible.
  • If a company is in no region, it will be visible.
  • If the company is not verified, it will be hidden.

Users and permissions

What can each user do:


  • Can access /admin dashboard
  • Edit everything


  • Can edit everything in their Region
  • Champion is a user but belongs_to Region with a is_champion flag

Normal user (logged in)

  • Submit a new (unverified) company

Not logged in user

  • Only view most items

Company Employee roles

Company owner can edit his company and invite other users into the company

When a user creates a company, he becomes an employee and the owner.

There are 3 roles:

  • Owners: can edit everything and give other employees access.
  • Managers: can edit but not add new employees.
  • Normal: nothing?

To become a 'champion' an admin needs to make you one, via the interface.

Edit manufacturering tags in a not verified listing as an admin by deleting /admin/ out of listing URL to enter front end editor.

TODO consideration


  • Should all users be able to upload as many images as possible?
  • What if a bot / random user signs up and uploads 500 pictures?
  • Only Verified can upload images?

Below is the 'OLD way' of adding images.

  • It Uploaded images to Amazon S3 via plugin? (how / where)?
  • Each image has a column in the database.
  • There was a limit of 9 images. (To add more we have to create a new database column)
  • Ideally we should MERGE the 'old' way into the 'new' way
  • The old way took 1 image 'original' and created multiple sizes, 1200px, 940px etc
  • Then a front end script was used to replace the URL, changing /1200px/ to /940px/ when needed.
  • If more information is needed, it might be possible to contact Jamie who worked on the original web