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Tried making local(shell) docstring clearer/more explicit

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1 parent 25e3fed commit 8c6ddcf5c99dca4cc0b5dc786d00bf55a00da5a0 @bitprophet bitprophet committed Sep 11, 2012
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@@ -1038,8 +1038,11 @@ def local(command, capture=False, shell=None):
Python ``subprocess`` module with ``shell=True`` activated. If you need to
do anything special, consider using the ``subprocess`` module directly.
- `shell` specifies the shell to use (e.g. /bin/bash), otherwise it
- defaults in the ``subprocess`` module.
+ ``shell`` is passed directly to `subprocess.Popen
+ <>`_'s
+ ``execute`` argument (which determines the local shell to use.) As per the
+ linked documentation, on Unix the default behavior is to use ``/bin/sh``,
+ so this option is useful for setting that value to e.g. ``/bin/bash``.
`local` is not currently capable of simultaneously printing and
capturing output, as ``/`~fabric.operations.sudo`

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