A fast build system that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules over a variety of platforms and languages.
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Latest commit 2327f5c Oct 25, 2016 @marcinkosiba marcinkosiba committed with Facebook Github Bot From logger print directly to console when running a build.
Test code doesn't have the command thread mapping set up correctly,
which was causing ConsoleHandler.isLoggableWithRegisteredLogLevel
to return true for any event severity. That would then interact
with the LoggingBuildListener which would attempt to re-log the
error message causing an infinite loop of logging.
This would also trigger when verbosity is set to a high value.

Test Plan:
manual: `./bin/buck build buck --verbosity 10`
before this change that command would produce a ton of output.

Reviewed By: Coneko

fbshipit-source-id: ad185f4
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.idea Update jackson to 2.7.8 Oct 18, 2016
assets/android Package dummy libraries with native exopackage android_binaries May 22, 2015
bin Use realpath instead of readlink in binary wrappers Oct 12, 2016
config Change logging level for OSHI Oct 21, 2016
docs Fix docs syntax Oct 25, 2016
pmd Update PMD to 5.5.1, removed unused jars Oct 11, 2016
programs Remove MaxPermSize. Oct 24, 2016
py Do not shell out to `zip` and `unzip` Mar 28, 2015
scripts Undocument --dry-run. Oct 12, 2016
src-gen Distributed build now retains executable state of files Oct 25, 2016
src/com/facebook/buck From logger print directly to console when running a build. Oct 25, 2016
test/com/facebook/buck Rename debug path sanitiser to compiler debug path sanitiser. Oct 25, 2016
third-party Make checked in tests run under `buck test`. Oct 25, 2016
webserver [tracing] Fix built-in trace viewer in Chrome 43 May 29, 2015
.buckconfig Switch the buck repo to use a clock id for the watchman cursor Oct 19, 2016
.buckjavaargs Increase heap size. Sep 30, 2016
.classpath Update OSHI to version 3.3 Oct 17, 2016
.factorypath Upgrade ant build to ecj 4.6M6 and immutables 2.1.28 May 3, 2016
.gitattributes `*.bat` files should always have Windows-style newlines Feb 16, 2016
.gitignore add .buckjavaargs.local to gitignore Oct 21, 2016
.inferconfig Rename "plugin" to "ideabuck" to allow for the possibility of another… Sep 12, 2016
.project Initial import. Apr 18, 2013
.travis.yml Fix the Travis build Apr 15, 2016
.watchmanconfig Enable the dir cache by default Feb 4, 2016
DEFS Add exported_deps param to standard_java_library() for autodeps worka… Oct 14, 2016
LICENSE Try to make it easier to determine the license for Buck (Apache 2.0). Apr 30, 2013
README.md Add gap between "Build Status" Badges Jun 24, 2016
__init__.py Do not shell out to `zip` and `unzip` Mar 28, 2015
appveyor.yml appveyor fix Jun 24, 2016
buck.iml Exclude all testdata folders Oct 18, 2016
build.xml Update jackson to 2.7.8 Oct 18, 2016
checkstyle.xml Fix linter on Windows Mar 31, 2016
findbugsfilter.xml Fix findbugs perf issues Apr 7, 2014
windows_cxx_support.txt Support for compiling cxx shared libraries on windows (DLLs) Oct 7, 2016
windows_failures.txt Disable failing tests. Jul 8, 2016



Buck is a build tool. To see what Buck can do for you, check out the documentation at http://buckbuild.com/.

Build Status Build status


To build Buck, run the following:

git clone https://github.com/facebook/buck.git
cd buck
./bin/buck --help


Apache License 2.0