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mcrouter installation

Andre Azevedo Pinto edited this page Nov 19, 2018 · 13 revisions

Automatic installation for Ubuntu 16.04

To simplify dependency installation, we provided an auto-install script that's been tested on Ubuntu 16.04.

The script might also be useful for other systems - make sure to read through its source files. It contains a bunch of "recipe" files to download and install each mcrouter dependency, including workaround for common pain points.

After you've read through the script and made sure you're fine with the commands it will run, invoke with absolute dir for self-contained install and any arguments to make:

$ git clone
$ ./mcrouter/mcrouter/scripts/ /home/$USER/mcrouter-install/ -j4
[sudo] password for ...:
$ ~/mcrouter-install/install/bin/mcrouter --help


Official Docker

We provide this Dockerfile for you to build a docker image (base on ubuntu 14:04).

Third party Dockers