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useful error when switching numColumns on the fly

Reviewed By: blairvanderhoof, bvaughn

Differential Revision: D4742842

fbshipit-source-id: a11a088194ead02cc11eb6ccd9ce6d6f75ead3a3
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sahrens authored and facebook-github-bot committed Mar 22, 2017
1 parent 1531f5f commit 46d6766a53f6fa7550ad4dd34bcb97549e716ef7
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  1. +5 −0 Libraries/CustomComponents/Lists/FlatList.js
@@ -242,6 +242,11 @@ class FlatList<ItemT> extends React.PureComponent<DefaultProps, Props<ItemT>, vo
componentWillReceiveProps(nextProps: Props<ItemT>) {
nextProps.numColumns === this.props.numColumns,
'Changing numColumns on the fly is not supported. Change the key prop on FlatList when ' +
'changing the number of columns to force a fresh render of the component.'

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