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Move NetInfo JS module to FB internal

Summary: This removes the NetInfo import from RN and moves it to FB internal. Follow-up diffs will move the Android and iOS files as well.

Reviewed By: rubennorte

Differential Revision: D15392486

fbshipit-source-id: b868b671b8d91661bc7634b4662074ae953835be
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cpojer authored and facebook-github-bot committed May 20, 2019
1 parent 2ad3bb2 commit 5a30c2a2052ba76e88dbf71b5b5c92966591bf26

This file was deleted.

@@ -250,15 +250,6 @@ module.exports = {
get NativeEventEmitter() {
return require('NativeEventEmitter');
get NetInfo() {
'NetInfo has been extracted from react-native core and will be removed in a future release. ' +
"It can now be installed and imported from '@react-native-community/netinfo' instead of 'react-native'. " +
return require('NetInfo');
get PanResponder() {
return require('PanResponder');

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