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@grabbou grabbou released this May 8, 2019 · 1072 commits to master since this release

This is a patch fix release addressing regressions, crashes, and a few developer-experience pain points (in particular, check the KeyboardAvoidingView change). Thanks everyone who contributed code or participated in the discussion for cherry-picking commits.


iOS specific

  • Fix incorrect opacity behaviour for Text component (f71357 by @shergin)
  • Fix Text shadow displays when textShadowOffset is {0,0} (17a81b by @Woodpav)
  • Add convert compatible of NSString for bridge message data (c37e9c by @zhongwuzw)
  • Fix nullability warnings in RCTExceptionsManager (2b7d79 by @jtreanor)
  • Fix app to reconnect with metro after the bundler is closed and reopened (c28676 by @rickhanlonii)
  • Fix throttle below 16ms on ScrollView (39776a by @sahrens)

Android specific



  • Make KeyboardAvoidingView with behavior="height" resize on keyboard close (7140a7 by @WaldoJeffers)
  • Update network inspector to have smarter scroll stickiness (57dc37 by @AlanFoster)
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