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Throw on hydration mismatch and force client rendering if boundary hasn't suspended within concurrent root #22629

merged 15 commits into from
Nov 9, 2021


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Currently in a concurrent root whenever we face a hydration mismatch there are some heuristics we use to try and patch up the HTML. These heuristics are not reliable and reduce our consistency. Instead we're going to throw and let the parent boundary catch the error and go into client rendering mode. We do this only if the parent boundary has not suspended since mismatches will always happen when hydrating after a component suspends. We also only do this in concurrent mode because we have suspense boundaries to limit the fallout from this. The legacy root behavior will remain unchanged and attempt to patch the HTML up.

How did you test this change?


@facebook-github-bot facebook-github-bot added CLA Signed React Core Team Opened by a member of the React Core Team labels Oct 26, 2021
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sizebot commented Oct 26, 2021

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oss-experimental/react-dom/cjs/react-dom.production.min.js +0.10% 134.52 kB 134.66 kB +0.10% 42.90 kB 42.94 kB
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facebook-www/ReactDOM-prod.modern.js +0.18% 411.92 kB 412.66 kB +0.17% 76.30 kB 76.43 kB
facebook-www/ReactDOMForked-prod.classic.js +0.18% 423.36 kB 424.11 kB +0.16% 78.06 kB 78.18 kB

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@acdlite acdlite left a comment

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Looks really good! Just missing one thing then we can merge, I think

@facebook facebook deleted a comment Nov 1, 2021
@salazarm salazarm force-pushed the throwOnMismatch branch 3 times, most recently from 937c4c1 to 0d4458b Compare November 8, 2021 14:40
@salazarm salazarm merged commit 0ddd69d into facebook:main Nov 9, 2021
facebook-github-bot pushed a commit to facebook/react-native that referenced this pull request Nov 15, 2021
This sync includes the following changes:
- **[c0c71a868](facebook/react@c0c71a868 )**: Re-enable useMutableSource in internal RN ([#22750](facebook/react#22750)) //<Ricky>//
- **[cb11155c8](facebook/react@cb11155c8 )**: Add runtime type checks around module boundary code ([#22748](facebook/react#22748)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[a04f13d29](facebook/react@a04f13d29 )**: react-refresh@0.11.0 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[ff9897d23](facebook/react@ff9897d23 )**: [React Refresh] support typescript namespace syntax ([#22621](facebook/react#22621)) //<irinakk>//
- **[0ddd69d12](facebook/react@0ddd69d12 )**: Throw on hydration mismatch and force client rendering if boundary hasn't suspended within concurrent root ([#22629](facebook/react#22629)) //<salazarm>//
- **[c3f34e4be](facebook/react@c3f34e4be )**: eslint-plugin-react-hooks@4.3.0 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[827021c4e](facebook/react@827021c4e )**: Changelog for eslint-plugin-react-hooks@4.3.0 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[8ca3f567b](facebook/react@8ca3f567b )**: Fix module-boundary wrappers ([#22688](facebook/react#22688)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[1bf6deb86](facebook/react@1bf6deb86 )**: Renamed packages/react-devtools-scheduling-profiler to packages/react-devtools-timeline ([#22691](facebook/react#22691)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[51c558aeb](facebook/react@51c558aeb )**: Rename (some) "scheduling profiler" references to "timeline" ([#22690](facebook/react#22690)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[00ced1e2b](facebook/react@00ced1e2b )**: Fix useId in strict mode ([#22681](facebook/react#22681)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[5cccacd13](facebook/react@5cccacd13 )**: Upgrade useId to alpha channel ([#22674](facebook/react#22674)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[75f3ddebf](facebook/react@75f3ddebf )**: Remove experimental useOpaqueIdentifier API ([#22672](facebook/react#22672)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[8c4a05b8f](facebook/react@8c4a05b8f )**: Remove flow pragma comment from module registration start/stop templates ([#22670](facebook/react#22670)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[ebf9ae857](facebook/react@ebf9ae857 )**: useId ([#22644](facebook/react#22644)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[a0d991fe6](facebook/react@a0d991fe6 )**: Re-land #22292 (remove uMS from open source build) ([#22664](facebook/react#22664)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[6bce0355c](facebook/react@6bce0355c )**: Upgrade useSyncExternalStore to alpha channel ([#22662](facebook/react#22662)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[7034408ff](facebook/react@7034408ff )**: Follow-up improvements to error code extraction infra ([#22516](facebook/react#22516)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[90e5d3638](facebook/react@90e5d3638 )**: chore: fix comment typo ([#22615](facebook/react#22615)) //<btea>//
- **[3c4c1c470](facebook/react@3c4c1c470 )**: Remove warning for dangling passive effects ([#22609](facebook/react#22609)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[d5b6b4b86](facebook/react@d5b6b4b86 )**: Expand act warning to cover all APIs that might schedule React work ([#22607](facebook/react#22607)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[fa9bea0c4](facebook/react@fa9bea0c4 )**: Initial implementation of cache cleanup ([#22510](facebook/react#22510)) //<Joseph Savona>//
- **[0e8a5aff3](facebook/react@0e8a5aff3 )**: Scheduling Profiler: Add marks for component effects (mount and unmount) ([#22578](facebook/react#22578)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[4ba20579d](facebook/react@4ba20579d )**: Scheduling Profiler: De-emphasize React internal frames ([#22588](facebook/react#22588)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[cdb8a1d19](facebook/react@cdb8a1d19 )**: [Fizz] Add option to inject bootstrapping script tags after the shell is injected ([#22594](facebook/react#22594)) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[34e4c9756](facebook/react@34e4c9756 )**: Clear extra nodes if there's a hydration mismatch within a suspense boundary  ([#22592](facebook/react#22592)) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[02f411578](facebook/react@02f411578 )**: Upgrade useInsertionEffect to stable ([#22589](facebook/react#22589)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[2af4a7933](facebook/react@2af4a7933 )**: Hydrate using SuspenseComponent as the parent ([#22582](facebook/react#22582)) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[b1acff0cc](facebook/react@b1acff0cc )**: Enable cache in test renderer ([#22580](facebook/react#22580)) //<Joseph Savona>//
- **[996da67b2](facebook/react@996da67b2 )**: Replace global `jest` heuristic with `IS_REACT_ACT_ENVIRONMENT` ([#22562](facebook/react#22562)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[163e81c1f](facebook/react@163e81c1f )**: Support disabling spurious act warnings with a global environment flag ([#22561](facebook/react#22561)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[23b7dfeff](facebook/react@23b7dfeff )**: Enable scheduling profiler for RN FB profiling builds ([#22566](facebook/react#22566)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[61455a25b](facebook/react@61455a25b )**: Enable experimental Cache API in www TestRenderer ([#22554](facebook/react#22554)) //<Joseph Savona>//
- **[7142d110b](facebook/react@7142d110b )**: Bugfix: Nested useOpaqueIdentifier references ([#22553](facebook/react#22553)) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[1e247ff89](facebook/react@1e247ff89 )**: Enabled scheduling profiler marks for React Native FB target ([#22544](facebook/react#22544)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[c16b005f2](facebook/react@c16b005f2 )**: Update test and stack frame code to support newer V8 stack formats ([#22477](facebook/react#22477)) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[55d75005b](facebook/react@55d75005b )**: duplicate value in variable ([#22390](facebook/react#22390)) //<BIKI DAS>//

[General][Changed] - React Native sync for revisions afcb9cd...c0c71a8


Reviewed By: yungsters

Differential Revision: D32395873

fbshipit-source-id: 3afd158f167b1eedcc244e29aba1a2c502d3c9d9
@salazarm salazarm deleted the throwOnMismatch branch February 10, 2022 14:28
@gaearon gaearon mentioned this pull request Mar 29, 2022
zhengjitf pushed a commit to zhengjitf/react that referenced this pull request Apr 15, 2022
…sn't suspended within concurrent root (facebook#22629)

* Throw on hydration mismatch

* remove debugger

* update error message

* update error message part2...

* fix test?

* test? :(

* tests 4real

* remove useRefAccessWarning gating

* split markSuspenseBoundary and getNearestBoundary

* also assert html is correct

* replace-fork

* also remove client render flag on suspend

* replace-fork

* fix mismerge????
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