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Convert current build system to Rollup and adopt flat bundles #9327

merged 194 commits into from Apr 5, 2017


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@trueadm trueadm commented Apr 4, 2017

The current build process for React (using Gulp, Grunt and Browserify) is cumbersome and overly-complicated. It doesn't allow us to unify our external open-source and our internal Facebook processes very well. This PR introduced an entirely new system that replaces the old build system.

We now leverage the creation of flat bundles, that force users to work with a single point of entry. This allows us to make better optimizations, improve our bundle size, improve the DEV/PROD experience and allows us to control how people use the APIs offered by React and the various different React renderers.

Supersedes #4927. Fixes #6351.

  • Set up a basic build process @trueadm
  • Add forwarding modules @trueadm
  • Fix ReactPerf circular dependency with ReactGKJSModule @gaearon
  • Fix CurrentOwner exception
  • Fix "addComponentAsRefTo(...): Only a ReactOwner can have refs." @trueadm
  • Figure out a fix for Rollup flat bundle breaking www @trueadm Is there a way to keep top-level import names constant in the output? rollup/rollup-plugin-commonjs#176
  • Fix dynamic injection breaking because forwarding modules don't know which bundle to refer to @gaearon
  • Clean up before build and add a shortcut for building one bundle type @trueadm
  • Fix all missing static resources @gaearon
  • Figure out how to inject feature flags into the bundle correctly @gaearon
  • Figure out how to inject error utils and Fiber error dialog @gaearon
  • Add a ReactART build @gaearon
  • Add a ReactDOMServer build @trueadm
  • Rebase www now that Sebastian landed the sync @gaearon
  • CommonJS bundles shouldn't contain DEV code (for prod) or process.env.NODE_ENV checks since those are slow. We should have separate CommonJS builds for development and production, and switch based on NODE_ENV between them. @trueadm
  • Fork addons internally @gaearon
  • Make build handle NPM packages, facebook-www and UMD dist @trueadm
  • Remove -core indirection internally @gaearon
  • Figure out a plan for responder/tap plugins, reactComponentExpect etc where we'd still like to be the source of truth
  • Fix KB profiler not to rely on internals @trueadm
  • Figure out how to remove ReactPerf and ReactTestUtils (especially shallow renderer) from www bundles in prod mode
  • Check for duplicated output and do some initial profiling @trueadm
  • Ensure we have license headers both for our code and object-assign in all bundles @trueadm
  • Delete examples, move examples/fiber to fixtures, and check docs for links to examples
  • Figure out the plan for ReactDOMServer bundle
  • Fix DOM fixtures and fiber debugger
  • Fix ART UMD build
  • Add ReactDOMServerStack CommonJS entry point to react-dom/server
  • Do initial work for RN flat bundle (the rest is follow up)
  • Figure out the plan for TapEventPlugin and friends
  • Remove dependency on Node 7 (we only have Node 4 on devservers)
  • Ensure packages contain PATENTS and other relevant files as they did before
  • Update www sync script

trueadm and others added 30 commits Mar 7, 2017
This makes it easier to override things in www.
This prevents a circular dependency between ReactGKJSModule and ReactDOM
This is another, more direct fix for ReactPerf circular dependency
This breaks the FB bundles.

This reverts commit 65f11ee.
gaearon approved these changes Apr 5, 2017
@trueadm trueadm merged commit 4b2eac3 into facebook:master Apr 5, 2017
1 check passed
@gaearon gaearon deleted the rollup branch Apr 5, 2017
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gaearon commented Apr 5, 2017


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nhunzaker commented Apr 5, 2017

Oh my oh my

This was referenced Apr 5, 2017
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yasserkaddour commented Apr 5, 2017

Congrats 🎉, should close #6656 too.

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maxdeviant commented Apr 5, 2017

Nice work @trueadm and @gaearon 🎉

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rohmanhm commented Apr 7, 2017

This article make me understand why did you choose Rollup over webpack.
Nice works

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fxfactorial commented Apr 7, 2017

Is there a specific reason why devservers only have node 4?

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gaearon commented Apr 7, 2017

Not really, we just update slower than others because we don't use Node much.

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wayou commented Apr 9, 2017

rollup 🎉

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ghost commented Apr 14, 2017

@wayou i has seen your blog since a year ago
it sounds great, for example a blog article("chrome-console-tips-and-tricks")

@trueadm trueadm restored the rollup branch Aug 16, 2017
@gaearon gaearon deleted the rollup branch Nov 8, 2017
NMinhNguyen referenced this pull request in enzymejs/react-shallow-renderer Jan 29, 2020

* fbjs support


* dev/prod mode WIP

* More WIP

* builds a cjs bundle

* adding forwarding modules

* more progress on forwarding modules and FB config

* improved how certain modules get inlined for fb and cjs

* more forwarding modules

* added comments to the module aliasing code

* made ReactPerf and ReactTestUtils bundle again

* Use -core suffix for all bundles

This makes it easier to override things in www.

* Add a lazy shim for ReactPerf

This prevents a circular dependency between ReactGKJSModule and ReactDOM

* Fix forwarding module for ReactCurrentOwner

* Revert "Add a lazy shim for ReactPerf"

This reverts commit 723b402c07116a70ce8ff1e43a1f4d92052e8f43.

* Rename -core suffix to -fb for clarity

* Change forwarding modules to import from -fb

This is another, more direct fix for ReactPerf circular dependency

* should fix fb and cjs bundles for ReactCurrentOwner

* added provides module for ReactCurrentOwner

* should improve console output

* fixed typo with argument passing on functon call

* Revert "should improve console output"

This breaks the FB bundles.

This reverts commit 65f11ee64f678c387cb3cfef9a8b28b89a6272b9.

* Work around internal FB transform require() issue

* moved  ReactInstanceMap out of React and into ReactDOM and ReactDOMFiber

* Expose more internal modules to www

* Add missing modules to Stack ReactDOM to fix UFI

* Fix onlyChild module

* improved the build tool

* Add a rollup npm script

* Rename ReactDOM-fb to ReactDOMStack-fb

* Fix circular dependencies now that ReactDOM-fb is a GK switch

* Revert "Work around internal FB transform require() issue"

This reverts commit 0a50b6a90bffc59f8f5416ef36000b5e3a44d253.

* Bump rollup-plugin-commonjs to include a fix for rollup/rollup-plugin-commonjs#176

* Add more forwarding modules that are used on www

* Add even more forwarding modules that are used on www

* Add DOMProperty to hidden exports

* Externalize feature flags

This lets www specify them dynamically.

* Remove forwarding modules with implementations

Instead I'm adding them to react-fb in my diff.

* Add all injection necessary for error logging

* Add missing forwarding module (oops)

* Add ReactART builds

* Add ReactDOMServer bundle

* Fix UMD build of ReactDOMFiber

* Work in progress: start adding ReactNative bundle

* tidied up the options for bundles, so they can define what types they output and exclude

* Add a working RN build

* further improved and tidied up build process

* improved how bundles are built by exposing externals and making the process less "magical", also tidied up code and added more comments

* better handling of bundling ReactCurrentOwner and accessing it from renderer modules

* added NODE_DEV and NODE_PROD

* added NPM package creation and copying into build chain

* Improved UMD bundles, added better fixture testing and doc plus prod builds

* updated internal modules (WIP)

* removed all react/lib/* dependencies from appearing in bundles created on build

* added react-test-renderer bundles

* renamed bundles and paths

* fixed fixture path changes

* added extract-errors support

* added extractErrors warning

* moved shims to shims directory in rollup scripts

* changed pathing to use build rather than build/rollup

* updated release doc to reflect some rollup changes

* Updated ReactNative findNodeHandle() to handle number case (#9238)

* Add dynamic injection to ReactErrorUtils (#9246)

* Fix ReactErrorUtils injection (#9247)

* Fix Haste name

* Move files around

* More descriptive filenames

* Add missing ReactErrorUtils shim

* Tweak reactComponentExpect to make it standalone-ish in www

* Unflowify shims

* facebook-www shims now get copied over correctly to build

* removed unnecessary resolve

* building facebook-www/build is now all sync to prevent IO issues plus handles extra facebook-www src assets

* removed react-native-renderer package and made build make a react-native build dir instead

* 😭😭😭

* Add more SSR unit tests for elements and children. (#9221)

* Adding more SSR unit tests for elements and children.

* Some of my SSR tests were testing for react-text and react-empty elements that no longer exist in Fiber. Fixed the tests so that they expect correct markup in Fiber.

* Tweaked some test names after @gaearon review comment facebook/react#9221 (comment) . Also realized that one of the tests was essentially a direct copy of another, so deleted it.

* Responding to code review facebook/react#9221 (review) . Thanks @spicyj!

* ReactElementValidator uses temporary ReactNative View propTypes getter (#9256)

* Updating packages for 16.0.0-alpha.6 release

* Revert "😭😭😭"

This reverts commit 7dba33b2cfc67246881f6d57633a80e628ea05ec.

* Work around Jest issue with CurrentOwner shared state in www

* updated error codes

* splits FB into FB_DEV and FB_PROD

* Remove deps on specific builds from shims

* should no longer mangle FB_PROD output

* Added init() dev block to ReactTestUtils

* added shims for DEV only code so it does not get included in prod bundles

* added a __DEV__ wrapping code to FB_DEV

* added __DEV__ flag behind a footer/header

* Use right haste names

* keeps comments in prod

* added external babel helpers plugin

* fixed fixtures and updated cjs/umd paths

* Fixes Jest so it run tests correctly

* fixed an issue with stubbed modules not properly being replaced due to greedy replacement

* added a WIP solution for ReactCurrentOwner on FB DEV

* adds a FB_TEST bundle

* allows both ReactCurrentOwner and react/lib/ReactCurrentOwner

* adds -test to provides module name

* Remove TEST env

* Ensure requires stay at the top

* added basic mangle support (disbaled by default)

* per bundle property mangling added

* moved around plugin order to try and fix deadcode requires as per rollup/rollup#855

* Fix flow issues

* removed gulp and grunt and moved tasks to standalone node script

* configured circleci to use new paths

* Fix lint

* removed gulp-extract-errors

* added back in

* added missing newline to flow.js

* fixed test coverage command

* changed permissions on

* fixed

* temp removed html render test

* removed the warning output from test_build, the build should do this instead

* fixed test_build

* fixed broken npm script

* Remove unused ViewportMetrics shim

* better error output

* updated circleci to node 7 for async/await

* Fixes

* removed coverage test from circleci run

* circleci run tets

* removed build from circlci

* made a dedicated jest script in a new process

* moved order around of circlci tasks

* changing path to jest in more circleci tests

* re-enabled code coverage

* Add file header to prod bundles

* Remove react-dom/server.js (WIP: decide on the plan)

* Only UMD bundles need version header

* Merge with master

* disabled const evaluation by uglify for <script></script> string literal

* deal with ART modules for UMD bundles

* improved how bundle output gets printed

* fixed filesize difference reporting

* added filesize dep

* Update yarn lockfile for some reason

* now compares against the last run branch built on

* added react-dom-server

* removed un-needed comment

* results only get saved on full builds

* moved the rollup sized plugin into a plugins directory

* added a missing commonjs()

* fixed missing ignore

* Hack around to fix RN bundle

* Partially fix RN bundles

* added react-art bundle and a fixture for it

* Point UMD bundle to Fiber and add EventPluginHub to exported internals

* Make it build on Node 4

* fixed eslint error with resolve being defined in outer scope

* Tweak how build results are calculated and stored

* Tweak fixtures build to work on Node 4

* Include LICENSE/PATENTS and fix up package.json files

* Add Node bundle for react-test-renderer

* Revert "Hack around to fix RN bundle"

We'll do this later.

This reverts commit 59445a625962d7be4c7c3e98defc8a31f8761ec1.

* Revert more RN changes

We'll do them separately later

* Revert more unintentional changes

* Revert changes to error codes

* Add accidentally deleted RN externals

* added RN_DEV/RN_PROD bundles

* fixed typo where RN_DEV and RN_PROD were the wrong way around

* Delete/ignore fixture build outputs

* Format scripts/ with Prettier

* tidied up the Rollup build process and split functions into various different files to improve readability

* Copy folder before files

* updated yarn.lock

* updated results and yarn dependencies to the latest versions
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