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@zpao zpao released this 01 Jul 19:03


  • Add error codes to production invariants, with links to the view the full error text. (@keyanzhang in #6948)
  • Include component stack information in PropType validation warnings. (@spicyj in #6771)
  • Include component stack information in key warnings. (@keyanzhang in #6799)
  • Stop validating props at mount time, only validate at element creation. (@keyanzhang in #6823)
  • New invariant providing actionable error in missing instance case. (@yungsters in #6990)
  • Add React.PropTypes.symbol to support ES2015 Symbols as props. (@puradox in #6377)
  • Fix incorrect coercion of ref or key that are undefined in development (@gaearon in #6880)
  • Fix a false positive when passing other element’s props to cloneElement (@ericmatthys in #6268)

React DOM

  • Add warning for unknown properties on DOM elements. (@jimfb in #6800, @gm758 in #7152)
  • Properly remove attributes from custom elements. (@grassator in #6748)
  • Fix invalid unicode escape in attribute name regular expression. (@nbjahan in #6772)
  • Add onLoad handling to <link> element. (@roderickhsiao in #6815)
  • Add onError handling to <source> element. (@wadahiro in #6941)
  • Handle value and defaultValue more accurately in the DOM. (@jimfb in #6406)
  • Fix events issue in environments with mutated Object.prototype. (@Weizenlol in #6886)
  • Fix issue where is="null" ended up in the DOM in Firefox. (@darobin in #6896)
  • Improved performance of text escaping by using escape-html. (@aickin in #6862)
  • Fix issue with dangerouslySetInnerHTML and SVG in Internet Explorer. (@joshhunt in #6982)
  • Fix issue with <textarea> placeholders. (@jimfb in #7002)
  • Fix controlled vs uncontrolled detection of <input type="radio"/>. (@jimfb in #7003)
  • Improve performance of updating text content. (@trueadm in #7005)
  • Ensure controlled <select> components behave the same on initial render as they do on updates. (@yiminghe in #5362)

React Perf Add-on

React CSSTransitionGroup Add-on

React Native Renderer

  • Dependencies on React Native modules use CommonJS requires instead of providesModule. (@davidaurelio in #6715)