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@alunyov alunyov released this 23 Jan 16:49
· 68 commits to main since this release

Minor breaking changes

  • [4e68155d732b]: Reuse TypegenConfig for SingleProjectConfigFile (#4585) by tobias-tengler

This change is a breaking change, as the customScalars config option in the single-project config must now be specified as customScalarTypes.


Bug fixes

  • [b995eec40461]: Update config.ts for typo (#4594) by Orta Therox
  • [2f9e88affdc7]: Fix goto references for TerseRelayResolver (#4587) by tobias-tengler
  • [d513e42f881e]: Suspend on active promises for client edge queries in the new hooks implementation by Andrey Lunyov
  • [eb0b7fcd991c]: Cleanup outdated records after model/output type resolvers updates by Andrey Lunyov
  • [ece1fd953b98]: Fix SDLSchema replacing logic by Deepak Singh
  • [d90dedfc577e]: Replace invariant in SuspenseResource with the warning in the case where GC is disabled by Monica Tang
  • [9f135b8f92a7]: Fix path on Windows (#4544) by martin
  • [aac57b30e812]: UseFragmentInternal should suspend if environment changes and there is a query in flight by Andrey Lunyov
  • [00aabd00be72]: Fix client->client nullable model issue for PluralConcrete object output types by Monica Tang
  • [7b3b0779b570]: Fix client->client nullable model issue for SingularConcrete object output types by Monica Tang
  • [3873809c2df8]: Handle missed updates from the low-priority state changes in the new hooks implementation by Andrey Lunyov


  • [0037d05c61d8]: Cleanup allow(unused_imports) by Cameron Pickett
  • [ada971e33838]: Disallow some read time features in mutation responses by Jordan Eldredge
  • [a2c7ed480e2d]: Relay-compiler diagnostic errors logging improvements (#4574) by Alex Coleman
  • [1a57f0832665]: FIX(Graphql): Add support for input with default values (#4540) by eMerzh
  • [2f97f25e53a1]: Consume LiveState from relay-runtime root in typegen by Jordan Eldredge
  • [182a86647000]: Fix missing space in diagnostic location print (#4573) by Alex Coleman
  • [5a18984e4155]: Refactor model resolver codegen to re-use build_reader_relay_resolver by Monica Tang
  • [1972913c2d12]: Augment corpus digraph logic to intake a vec of TextSource by Monica Tang
  • [06cb092ae28f]: Implement compiler command to get graphql text sources and program by Monica Tang
  • [1a06f3269985]: Use Parameters and indexed access type to extract PreloadParams by Sam Zhou
  • [5cf0af11be92]: Update print_schema to support ARGUMENT_DEFINITION and INPUT_FIELD_DEFINITION directives by James Wren
  • [4c25549bcb1a]: More strict selectors equal check by Tianyu Yao

Documentation Improvements

  • [8392b68a5137]: Document directives argument for @refetchable (#4520) by Daniel Lo Nigro
  • [8ef4b47e69d0]: Document current behavior of server edges returning null by Jordan Eldredge
  • [361d0b3fae9f]: Typo fix (#4561) by Randall Bennett
  • [921f2a8715a1]: Fix(docs): normalize local data updates doc (#4564) by Guilherme


  • [4619f9706d97]: Add a json output option by Tianyu Yao
  • [49e4da17abbc]: Make compiler results seriaizable by Tianyu Yao

Experimental Changes

  • [5718ca9fd9b2]: Transform to convert fragments and linked fields on abstract types to inline fragment by Monica Tang
  • [399bf9201eba]: 6/n - Add tests for errorResponseFields by Itamar Kestenbaum
  • [27a062376ce3]: 5/n - Add erroring on seeing relayFieldErrors by Itamar Kestenbaum
  • [12d169fc9c23]: 4/n - Add logging on seeing relayFieldErrors by Itamar Kestenbaum
  • [0a9d473edeee]: 3/n - Add RelayFieldError and rename RelayFieldError to TRelayFieldError by Itamar Kestenbaum
  • [914794c4ddba]: 2/n - Rename requiredFieldLogger to relayFieldLogger by Itamar Kestenbaum
  • [af4afbdc2ab3]: 1/n - Add field errors to Snapshot by Itamar Kestenbaum
  • [08c32cfede3b]: Integration test for resolvers implementing fields for interface by Jordan Eldredge
  • [396a1dbfb8cd]: Expose live resolver modules outside of experimental-live-resolvers directory by Jordan Eldredge
  • [bac5f9c790a9]: Update for normalization node changes by Bhuwan Khattar
  • [8dd004f4711a]: Add apply_to_normalization_ast config for resolvers_schema_module by Bhuwan Khattar

Full Changelog: v16.1.0...v16.2.0