Features Not in LevelDB

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RocksDB Features that are not in LevelDB


  • Multithread compaction
  • Multithread memtable inserts
  • Reduced DB mutex holding
  • Optimized level-based compaction style and universal compaction style
  • Prefix bloom filter
  • Memtable bloom filter
  • Single bloom filter covering the whole SST file
  • Write lock optimization
  • Improved Iter::Prev() performance
  • Fewer comparator calls during SkipList searches
  • Allocate memtable memory using huge page.


  • Column Families
  • Transactions and WriteBatchWithIndex
  • Backup and Checkpoints
  • Merge Operators
  • Compaction Filters
  • RocksDB Java
  • Manual Compactions Run in Parallel with Automatic Compactions
  • Persistent Cache
  • Bulk loading
  • Forward Iterators/ Tailing iterator
  • Single delete
  • Delete files in range
  • Pin iterator key/value

Alternative Data Structures And Formats

  • Plain Table format for memory-only use cases
  • Vector-based and hash-based memtable format
  • Clock-based cache (coming soon)
  • Pluggable information log
  • Annotate transaction log write with blob (for replication)


  • Rate limiting
  • Tunable Slowdown and Stop threshold
  • Option to keep all files open
  • Option to keep all index and bloom filter blocks in block cache
  • Multiple WAL recovery modes
  • Fadvise hints for readahead and to avoid caching in OS page cache
  • Option to pin indexes and bloom filters of L0 files in memory
  • More Compression Types: zlib, lz4, zstd
  • Compression Dictionary
  • Checksum Type: xxhash
  • Different level size multiplier and compression type for each level.


  • Statistics
  • Thread-local profiling
  • More commands in command-line tools
  • User-defined table properties
  • Event listeners
  • More DB Properties
  • Dynamic option changes
  • Get options from a string or map
  • Persistent options to option files


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