Firmware, Schematics, and Mechanicals for the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2
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Oculus Rift Development Kit 2

Firmware, electrical CAD, mechanical CAD, artwork, and documentation for DK2.


The CAD, artwork, and documentation are released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

The Oculus firmware is licensed under the BSD-style license at

We also provide for the Oculus firmware an additional grant of patent rights at

The firmware incorporates or references materials of third parties that are subject to other licenses.  Please see the individual headers on each file to determine which license applies. For ease of reference, headers that include the link refer to the license reproduced in en.ultimate-liberty-v2.txt.


High-level specifications for the DK2 headset, sensor, and firmware.


The cable is surprisingly one of the most complex parts of the product, and is likely actually more advanced than the entirety of DK1. This directory contains schematics and high level specifications for the cable, but this is a custom assembly that likely isn't achievable to recreate from source.


The positional tracking sensor release contains electrical and mechanical CAD. The sensor also utilizes microcontrollers which require firmware which was not redistributable.


The headset directory contains the mainboard firmware as well as electrical and mechanical CAD for the headset. It also contains artwork for the packaging.


The incredible (and incredibly small) team who made DK2:

  • Headset Electrical: Lyle Bainbridge, Ryan Brown, Matt DeVoe
  • Sensor Electrical: John Robertson
  • Headset Firmware: Nirav Patel
  • Mechanical: Julian Hammerstein, Matt Thomas, Kam Chin
  • Optical: Youngshik Yoon
  • Automation: Simon Hallam, Anusha Balan, Brant Lewis
  • Operations: Rita Chen, Licia Angino, Jack McCauley, David Dykes
  • Factory: Allen Qin, Victor Zhang, Ivan Chow, Mark Zhang
  • Misc: Palmer Luckey, Chris Dycus, Jonathan Shine
  • Artwork: Matt Ford, Jon Malkemus

RiftDK2 repository preparation: Matt Appleby, Kelly Lowenberg, John Tsai