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expose redone remove to thrift. patch by jbellis; reviewed by Jun Rao…

… for #83
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1 parent a27124d commit 3bc809ec68ff960fd6da73df70a6e80b2391ad14 Jonathan Ellis committed Apr 16, 2009
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ service Cassandra {
async void insert(string tablename,string key,string columnFamily_column, string cellData,i64 timestamp),
async void batch_insert(batch_mutation_t batchMutation),
bool batch_insert_blocking(batch_mutation_t batchMutation) throws (1:CassandraException e),
- async void remove(string tablename,string key,string columnFamily_column),
+ bool remove(string tablename,string key,string columnFamily_column, i64 timestamp, bool block),
list<column_t> get_columns_since(string tablename, string key, string columnFamily_column, i64 timeStamp) throws (1:CassandraException e),
list<superColumn_t> get_slice_super(string tablename, string key, string columnFamily_superColumnName, i32 start = -1 , i32 count = -1) throws (1:CassandraException e),
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