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fblualib: A collection of Lua / Torch utilities

FBLuaLib is a collection of Lua / Torch utilities developed at Facebook that we've found useful. Some of these utilities are useful without Torch.

LuaJIT is required, and we currently only support x86_64 Linux.

  • C++ LuaUtils is a collection of C++ utilities useful for writing Lua extensions
  • fb.util is a collection of low-level Lua utilities that, in addition to being useful on their own, are depended upon by everything else. Does not require Torch.
  • fb.editline is a command line editing library based on libedit. Does not require Torch.
  • fb.trepl is a configurable Read-Eval-Print loop with line editing and autocompletion. Does not require Torch (but has Torch-specific features if Torch is installed)
  • fb.debugger is a full-featured source-level Lua debugger. Does not require Torch.
  • fb.ffivector is a vector of POD types or strings that does not count toward the Lua heap limit. Does not require Torch.
  • fb.python is a bridge between Lua and Python, allowing seamless integration between the two (enabling, for example, using SciPy with Lua tensors almost as efficiently as with native numpy arrays; data between Lua tensors and the corresponding Python counterpart numpy.ndarray objects is shared, not copied). Requires Torch.
  • fb.thrift is a library for fast serialization of arbitrary Lua objects using Thrift. Requires Torch.
  • fb.mattorch is a library for reading and writing Matlab .mat files from Torch without having Matlab installed.