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Sublime Text helpers for React. Syntax highlighting DEPRECATED in favor of babel/babel-sublime
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Snippets for ReactJS. This package used to provide JSX syntax highlighting and has been DEPRECATED in favor of babel/babel-sublime.

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Install the React package via Sublime's Package Manager

You will need the Sublime Package Manager.

  • Open the command palette: ⌘+shift+p on MacOS/Linux, ctrl+shift+p on Windows

  • type install, select Package Control: Install Package

  • type React, select ReactJS


Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting is no longer provided by this packages. We recommend that you use (babel-sublime) instead.


It's easy! Simply activate snippets by typing a mnemonic followed by TAB.

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Snippets are available for both JSX and CJSX (React CoffeeScript).

Documentation of available snippets (JSX):

    cdm→  componentDidMount: fn() { ... }

   cdup→  componentDidUpdate: fn(pp, ps) { ... }

     cs→  var cx = React.addons.classSet;

    cwm→  componentWillMount: fn() { ... }

    cwr→  componentWillReceiveProps: fn(np) { ... }

    cwu→  componentWillUpdate: fn(np, ns) { ... }

   cwun→  componentWillUnmount: fn() { ... }

     cx→  cx({ ... })

    fdn→  React.findDOMNode(...)

    fup→  forceUpdate(...)

    gdp→  getDefaultProps: fn() { return {...} } 

    gis→  getInitialState: fn() { return {...} } 

    ism→  isMounted()

  props→  this.props.

     pt→  propTypes { ... }

    rcc→  component skeleton

   refs→  this.refs.

    ren→  render: fn() { return ... }

    scu→  shouldComponentUpdate: fn(np, ns) { ... }

    sst→  this.setState({ ... })

  state→  this.state.


Rebuilding the docs

After making changes to snippet files, run npm install && npm run build-docs to automatically generate this document from source. Do not make changes to directly.

Contributor License Agreement

Contributions are very welcome, but we ask that you please fill out our CLA in order for us to accept your pull request.

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